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Middle School - AFTERNOON Parent-Teacher Conferences
10/27/2016 EARLY DISMISSAL for students in middle school.

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District Planning

PROPOSED AND APPROVED: Description of Zone Changes for P.S. 139 in District 28 in Effect for 2013-14 School Year

Proposal Information

On June 26, 2012, Community Education Council 24 voted to change zones of District 24 residents formerly zoned to P.S. 139 in District 28. The approved zone changes for the 2013-14 school year may be found in the maps provided below. 


Why did the CEC approve this zone change?

·         The Department of Education plans to create a zone for P.S. 330, which has been incubated in building Q269, located at 86-37 53rd Avenue, Queens, NY 11373, and will be relocated to its long-term site in new building Q287, located at 110-08 Northern Boulevard, Queens, NY 11368, in September 2013.

·         The zone change provides a new zone for P.S. 330.


What changes should families expect as a result of this re-zoning?

·         Some D24 residents previously zoned for P.S. 139 in District 28 will now be zoned for P.S. 330.


What will this mean for my family?

·         The proposed changes would impact only incoming Kindergarten students or students that are new to the system.  All currently enrolled students may remain at their school.  As stated in Chancellor’s Regulation A-101, Kindergarten students would be admitted in the following order of priority:


o   First Priority. Zoned students with verified siblings who will be enrolled in grades 1-5 in the school as of September 2013.


o   Second Priority. Zoned students without siblings applying to the zoned school


o   Third Priority. Non-zoned students with verified siblings who will be enrolled in grades 1-5 in the school as of September 2013:

                                                a. Within district first, then

                                                b. Out of district


o   Fourth Priority. Non-zoned students without siblings:

                                                a. Within district first, then

                                                b. Out of district


*Current in zone siblings who would be zoned out based on the proposed lines will be grandfathered as an in-zone sibling.


Where can I go for more information?

·         Website: http://schools.nyc.gov/ChoicesEnrollment/Elementary

·         Phone Number: 718-935-2009

·         Borough Enrollment Office:  28-11 Queens Plaza North, Long Island City, 11101. 718-935-2386


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The dashed red lines represent the new zone boundaries. The solid background colors represent the former zone boundaries. All zone lines run down the center of the street unless otherwise specified by a jagged line.  Starting in 2013-2014, the zone a family lives in is determined by each dashed red polygon.

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