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Annual Report 2006-2007  
Annual Report 2007-2008
Annual Report 2008-2009
Annual Report 2009-2010

The annual report is generated annually by each school and describes the charter school’s academic performance outcomes and their progress toward the goals of their charter.

2007-2008 Annual Site Visit
2009-2010 Annual Site Visit
2010-2011 Annual Site Visit

The Annual Site Visit report describes what the reviewers saw at the school -- what life is like there. The report identifies some of the strengths in the school, as well as areas where improvement is needed.

Annual Audit 2006-2007
Annual Audit 2007-2008
Annual Audit 2008-2009
Annual Audit 2009-2010

Every year each charter school is required to engage in an independent financial audit.

DOE Progress Report 2006-2007 
DOE Progress Report 2007-2008
The performance and progress outcomes on these reports were generated from New York State testing data and student attendance. Because the report cards for charter schools do not include results of the learning environment surveys, it would be inaccurate to make direct comparisons with DOE public schools.

*  Peninsula Preparatory Academy had approximately 250 students in 2006-2007. The Progress component of the report is determined by the scores of only 27 students in one grade. Because this small number of students in one grade on one test largely determines the overall score for the school, this progress report is neither representative of the full spectrum of grades served at the school, nor is it an accurate indicator of overall student performance or progress.

Renewal Report 2007-2008
Renewal Report 2011-2012
Renewal Report 2013-2014

The renewal report describes the performance of a charter school over the course of its charter on academic achievement, educational environment, financial/organizational viability, and board capacity.  Findings from a multi-day site visit conducted at the school are also described in the report. A renewal report answers four critical questions: 1) Is this school an academic success?, 2) Is this school a viable organization?, 3) Is this school in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations?, and 4) What are the school’s plans for its next charter term?  The report also contains the Chancellor's recommendation on whether or not the school's charter should be renewed, the length for which it should be renewed (up to five years), and any conditions related to the renewal recommendation.  This recommendation does not become a finalized decision until it is approved by the New York State Board of Regents.