Charter Schools

NYC DOE OSDCP Accountability & Oversight

This page is designed to explain the Accountability & Oversight processes for the 69 charter schools authorized by the New York City Department of Education. The tools below are intended to support schools authorized by the DOE in finding the resources they need in order to remain in compliance with reporting requirements.

Charter schools are held accountable, through the terms of five-year performance contracts called “charters,” for high student achievement. Charter schools must meet the same Regents’ performance standards established for all public schools as well as the goals established in their charters. If a charter school fails to meet those terms, it can be closed.  

The DOE is responsible for monitoring the performance of DOE-authorized public charter schools and has developed an oversight framework that collects information and data critical to renewal decision-making.

The DOE-authorized schools are broken up into three cohorts. See the blue contacts sidebar to find the Director of Oversight for your school, and here to find out what cohort you are in.


The New York City Department of Education (DOE) has set performance standards for all DOE-authorized charter schools. These standards are organized under four guiding questions:

1. Is this school an academic success?

2. Is this school a fiscally sound, viable organization?

3. Is this school in compliance with its charter and all applicable laws and regulations?

4. What are the school's plans for its next charter term? (Applies only to schools seeking to renew their charters.)


The NYC DOE monitors school performance through a variety of methods. Reports for individual schools can be found

Annual Report: Every year each charter school is required to submit an annual report of their students' academic performance outcomes and their progress toward the goals of their charter.

Annual Audit: Every year each charter school is required to engage in an independent financial audit.

Annual Comprehensive Review: The Office of School Design & Charter Partnerships team reviews each school throughout their charter term and generates a report of findings.

DOE Progress Report: The outcomes on these reports were generated from New York State testing data and student attendance. Individual school Progress Reports may be found here.

Renewal Report: In their fourth year of operation, charter schools must begin applying for renewal of their charters. The renewal report combines DOE findings from multiple sources including a multi-day site visit.


Accountability Handbook
This document provides an overview of the NYC DOE OSDCP Accountability Framework and serves as a guide for DOE-authorized charter schools to better understand how OSDCP holds schools accountable.

Accountability Workshop Presentation
This training presentation provides schools with a better understanding of how OSDCP views accountability, and how schools can use various tools and resources to reflect upon for school improvement while on the path toward renewal.

2014-15 Calendar of Reporting Requirements for NYC DOE-Authorized Schools
This is a general timeline that is subject to change. Please reach out to your cohort’s Director of Oversight with any questions, unless otherwise specified.

Charter Revision & Board Member Changes Presentation

2013-2014 Renewal Guidelines

2013 NYC DOE CSAS Discipline Workshop Presentation

NYC DOE IDEA Flow Chart (Discipline)

NYC DOE Quick Guidance: Students with Disabilities (Discipline)



2014-15 OSDCP CS SpEd and 504 Compliance Checklist

2014-15 OSDCP Student Discipline Compliance Checklist

2014-15 OSDCP CS Board of Trustees Roster Template
(Excel document). This template must be used as part of the OSDCP reporting requirements.

2012-13 Annual Comprehensive Review Data Collection Template
 (Excel document).

2013-14 CSAS Board of Trustees Questionnaire (Word Document) This template must be used as part of the OSDCP reporting requirements.