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Guidance on Charter Revisions & Board of Trustees Changes

Review the OSDCP training presentation on Charter Revisions and Board of Trustees Changes here.

Adding a new board member

All NYC DOE-authorized schools must provide the following four documents to their cohort’s Director of Oversight once a prospective board member has been voted on by the school’s board. See the blue contacts sidebar to find your Director of Oversight. To find out which cohort you are in, click here.

  1. Prospective board member’s resume
  2. Board minutes recording the prospective board member’s approval vote by the school’s board
  3. NYC DOE Board Member Questionnaire, filled out and hand-signed by the prospective board member. Click here for the questionnaire.
  4. NYSED Financial Disclosure Form, filled out and hand-signed by the prospective board member. Click here to access the NYSED Review Room Portal and fill out the Financial Disclosure Form.

    Member approval process

  1. The NYC DOE OSDCP will approve or reject such proposed trustee in writing within 45 days of submission. If the NYC DOE OSDCP takes noaction within the 45-day period the person may be seated as a school trustee.
  2. Once a board member has been approved, an official approval letter will be sent to the President/Chair of the board, as well as the school leader and any staff members involved in submitting the approval request. Please note that prospective board members may not vote at board meetings untilthey receive final approval from NYC DOE OSDCP.
  3. Once a board member has been approved, the charter school is required to submit an updated board roster that includes this member’s contactinformation to OSDCP. To download the Excel template for the roster, click here.