Charter Schools

For Charter Schools

This page is designed for charter school staff, board, and supporters. It provides both accountability and operations tools and resources.

Charter schools are required to adhere to city, state, and federal compliance standards. They are also held accountable for high academic student performance and adherence to their charters by authorizers (State University of New York, State Education Department or NYC Department of Education).

All charter schools in NYC are assigned to one of three cohorts for support from the NYC DOE Office of School Design and Charter Partnerships. This support is provided for schools regardless of their authorizers. For a list of schools and their cohorts, click here.

Click links below for accountability and operations support.

Accountability & Oversight

Visit this page to learn more about the performance standards for all DOE-authorized schools and to find tools, templates, guidelines, and presentations for reporting, renewal, and requesting charter revisions.

Operations Tool Kit (formerly known as the Operations Wiki)

Visit this page to find user guides, webinars, links and forms about on DOE systems and regulations.


Board Resources

Visit this page to learn how to add new board members.

Operations Calendar

Visit this page to find deadlines, timeframes, testing dates, and more.

Tools and Resources

Visit this page to find links for helpful accountability tools such as target populations calculators and information, charter revision guidelines from the state, and state law and regulations.

Weekly Communications Archive

Reminders about compliance requirements and deadlines, resources, and tips every week. Visit this page to find weekly emails.