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Photo from Equality Charter School This page is designed to help current and future charter school families learn more about the charter school options in New York City and charter school law, and help with enrollment and filing a grievance. 

2013 New York State Test Results FAQ

To learn more about the 2013 New York State test results, click here to review this FAQ.

What are Charter Schools?
Charter schools are part of the district’s strategy for providing families with an increased number of high-quality school options in New York City. Charter schools have a range of academic and staffing models, missions, goals, and policies. We encourage you to visit charter schools directly to learn specific information such as grading and promotion criteria,open house dates, and the names of staff and the Board of Trustees members.

Charter schools became a component of New York State's public education offerings with the enactment of the New York State Charter Schools Act of 1998. Charter schools in New York are authorized by three entities, NYCDOE Office of Charter School Accountability & Support, the NYS Department of Education, and the SUNY Charter Schools Institute. The Charter Schools Act guides authorizers’ work.

The NYC Charter School Center is a nonprofit supports existing charter schools and helps new schools develop. To learn more about individual charter schools in NYC, visit the center’s website

How to enroll

Any child is eligible for admission in a district public school is eligible for admission in a public charter school. Click here to find resources to search charter schools, find out your community district, and apply.

Charter School Directory

Click here to find the elementary, middle, and high school charter options in the five boroughs.



How to file a grievance

We appreciate, respect and welcome the voices of charter school families and their views pertaining to the progress children are making towards academic excellence. Click here to learn how.

Performance Reports

Click here to review accountability documents for individual charter schools in NYC, including annual and renewal reports.