Charter Schools

Developing New Charter Schools

The New York City Department of Education (DOE) is committed to improving opportunities for students by creating schools and programs that meet community needs. The creation of new charter schools is one strategy that the DOE uses to meet this goal. To learn more about how charter schools are established in New York City , please download this basic Word document.

Apply to an authorizing entity 
For new charter schools, the authorizing entities are the New York State Education Department and the State University of New York. To apply, please  review the Request for Proposals process from on the website for New York State Education Department's   (NYSED) Charter Schools Office and or the website for the State University of New York Charter Schools Institute (SUNY CSI) to find out more about the guidelines for establishing a new charter school in New York. 

Review public school space requests submitted to NYC DOE
Information from Request for DOE Space Forms that the DOE has received can be found by downloading this Excel sheet . This information is inclusive of requests from existing charter schools as well as applicant groups currently being considered in the SUNY and NYSED charter school application process. Information from past applicants who do not have a current application under consideration with either authorizer is not included.

The process for applying for DOE space is separate from the NYSED and SUNY charter authorization processes. In any cases where the DOE has proposed a co-location in DOE space, but a charter school is not authorized, the co-location will be withdrawn.

For information on the DOE’s current and past proposals regarding co-locations of existing and applying charter schools, please visit the PEP webpage here.