Charter Schools

Operations Tool Kit

The Operations Tool Kit is designed to provide charter school administrators with links to resources and information needed for DOE systems and operating charter schools.


Find user guides for the ATS student information system as well as request an account, learn about student discharge policy, interpret codes and more.


Find out how to request facilities upgrades and matching funds, enter permit requests via CPS as well as navigate co-location with other schools.



Access FAMIS, submit invoices, spend NYSTL funds, apply for IDEA grants, and access information on minority and women-owned businesses for equal opportunity procurement.


Access the Galaxy system, which allows charter school staff members to create and manage DOE accounts.


Health & Safety

Review training presentations on health compliance and nursing services as well as information on AED/CPR requirements.


Access mass-mailing services for student recruitment, review student application requirements and forms, and learn more about lottery, enrollment and retention requirements.


Review an overview of transportation services for charter schools and learn about services for students in the case of bus strikes.



Access the Special Education Student Information System (SESIS) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) as well as contact your CSE liaison for additional IEP support.

Summer School

Find school buildings where summer school is taking place and summer school calendar and requirements.



Find testing resources such as manuals, training presentations, and data forms and templates for math/ELA state tests, Regents, and NYSESLAT.


Create an account

Complete this  form

Email it to

Learn the system

To learn to download ATS reports to MS Excel, read this user guide.

To find guides on many topics, visit the ATS Wiki. You will need your NYC DOE email to use this wiki. If you do not know your DOE email, contact the Director of Operations for your cohort.

Click here download a Word document of directions about  how to use the TBLD function to interpret ATS codes.  

Follow the appropriate policies and best practices

To learn about student discharge in ATS and determine whether it requires CSAS approval, familiarize yourself with the following 

Review this Rollover guide (Word document) to ensure ATS rollover is completed appropriately in preparation for the new school year.

If you have any questions about L2RPT Tested/Not Tested Reports, review this FAQ

Verify your information for accountability reporting

Data in ATS is used for the DOE Report Card letter grades, which measure schools’ performance, as well for the SED Accountability Report, which is used to determine Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) which, in turn, are used to assist in the process of identifying a school’s State designation status. To learn more about data verification, review the Data Verification Overview Guide.

Order New ATS Machine
Lexmark 2013-14 Price List

Data Quality Review Guide for Charters

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Upgrade your facility

To review the facilities upgrades and charter matching info memo for 2012/13, click here.

To request a charter facility project, fill out this Request Form

To learn more about the DOE facilities requests review process, read this guide.

Learn about co-location

Visit the campus governance website to learn more about the structures in place to facilitate effective relationships in shared space.

Read the campus policy memo (Word document) to better understand campus community expectations and resolutions processes.

Enter Permit Requests using the Custodial Payroll System (CPS)

To learn more about the extended use procedures for charter schools, please view this document - Extended Use Procedure for Charter Schools

Extended Use Contact Sports

To review material distributed at the CPS training, please review this powerpoint -  Extend Use Process Policy and Procedures - Flow Chart

To learn how to properly complete a permit checklist, please view this document - Permit Application Checklist

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Spend New York State Textbook Law Funds via FAMIS 

Review the NYSTL user guide

Non-resident per pupil funding info (Word document): This memo will help you determine funding for students outside of NYC.

Access FAMIS

Complete this form

Email it to

Certify FAMIS purchases. Please note, all FAMIS purchases must be certified upon receipt in order to ensure payment to the vendor.

Vendor Portal

Review the User Guide for online invoice submission of per pupil payments 1-2 here.

Review the User Guide  for online invoice submission of per pupil payments 3-6 here.

Watch the Webinar for online invoice submission of per-pupil payments 3-6 here.

Access resources for contracting with Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprises (MWBEs)

To search the NYC Online Directory of Certified Companies, click here.

This resource will help youlocate MWBEs throughout the area to provide MWBE vendors an equal opportunity to participate in procurement. If you have any questions, please contact the DOE’s Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity Management at (718) 935-4987.

Learn more about the IDEA Grant

Click here to learn more about the IDEA Grant.

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Review Galaxy user guide to add staff to Galaxy roster to generate a DOE email account

To manage your DOE account, review the DOE Account User Guide.

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Health & Safety :

Review a training presentation about health compliance for charter schools from the Office of School Health here.

Review a training presentation about school nursing services for charter schools from the Office of School Health here.

Download this Word FAQ about AED/CPR requirements and NYC DOE recommendations.

Visit the Office of School Foods here.

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Mass Mailing Services for Student Recruitment

Read this memo (Word document) regarding Vanguard mass mailing services.

Complete Vanguard services request form.

Fill out zip code sheet (Excel document).

Lottery admissions

Visit the NYSED website for uniform charter school application and requirements for individual student applications.

Review the NYC Charter Center resources for lottery admissions here.

Enrollment & Retention

Calculate NYSED targets for special populations enrollment and retention as well as review methodology and analysis by district here.

Review the
DOE Discharge Policy (Word document)

Complete the Discharge form (Word document) for Code 12 and Code 39 discharges on ATS.




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Review a training presentation on Transportation for Charter Schools

For additional resources, visit the Office of Pupil Transportation.

For additional resources on entering OPT codes in ATS, review this guidebook.

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Use the Special Education Student Information System (SESIS)

Review the SESIS training presentation here.

Train others at your school on SESIS using this agenda and training guide here.

Learn more about the SESIS learning path here.

Use the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system to record IEP services

For IVR access, please complete this template (Excel document)

Paste the template information into email body and send to Alberto Ong and copy

Review IVR instructions here.

Review IVR FAQ (Word document).

Contact your District CSE Liaison

Your district CSE liaison can provide IEP and Sped policy guidance. Find your liaison here.

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Summer School:

Review the DOE Summer School Calendar

Review Eligibility Guidelines and Application for Summer School

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ELA/Math State Testing

For the 2013 School Administrator’s Manual, visit here.

For the NYSED Test Guides, visit here

For the 2013-2014 ELA/Math State Exam Schedule, visit here.

For Regents Exam Schedule, visit here.


For LAB-R Guidelines, click here.


Regents PowerPoint

Click here to download the training presentations on Regents Scanning for Charters.


For general information on the NYSESLAT, visit here.

Click here for the Exam Guide for the NYSESLAT

Reporting Rosters

TSDL Template (Excel doc)

Roster Template  (Excel doc)


Teacher Evaluation Template (Excel doc) 

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