District Planning


The Office of District Planning (ODP) improves opportunities for students by creating and supporting high-quality schools and programs. Every Year ODP assesses the needs of students in every district in New York City.

The annual District and Community Planning process results in the prioritization of student and community needs. The needs and priorities are then matched with available resources in each district so thatschools and programs meet specific needs of the New York City neighborhoods and education districts.

Needs and priorities are established with three key inputs:

1. The thoughtful review of city- and district-wide data, analyzing relevant trends, community needs and efficient use of available resources.

2. Potential areas for improvement related to student learning outcomes, including:
  • Increasing access to Pre-K, English Language Learning and District 75 programming;
  • Increasing access to other special programming such as ASD Nest and Gifted & Talented;
  • Removal of Transportable Classroom Units and other necessary facilities work to improve learning conditions;
  • Re-siting schools as needed;
  • Zone line changes to address overcrowding;
  • Creation of new district and charter  schools needed to meet community needs; Capacity and opportunities created by new construction; and
  • Grade reconfigurations aligned to demand.
3. Feedback from community partners such as Citywide andCommunity Education Councils, District Presidents Councils, and Panel for Education Policy members or key Department of Education partners such as Community and High School Superintendents and colleagues in the Office of Student Enrollment, Space Planning, or English Language Learners and Student Support.

We continue to review and revise planning needs and priorities as new information becomes available.

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