District Planning


The Division of District Planning is committed to improving opportunities for students by creating and supporting high-quality schools and programs that meet community needs. The Division manages the planning of New York City district schools, charter schools, and early childhood education programs. In addition, the Division manages critical interventions for persistently under-performing schools. The Division’s coordinated efforts align the needs of students with available resources to improve outcomes.

DDP oversees a broad range of functional areas including: 

District Management
The District Management team plans and implements structural changes to the portfolio of New York City public schools in order to address systemic inequities in access to higher performing schools. These changes include, but are not limited to, opening high-performing new schools and phasing out underperforming schools; changes in enrollment policies; changes in zoning; and changes to grade configurations.

New Schools
The mission of the Office of New Schools (ONS) is to continually improve access to high quality education for all students in NYC, by selecting and training effective leaders to open up high-performing schools that prepare all students for success in college, careers and the competitive world beyond.  Since 2002, more than 400 new schools have been created to offer more options to students and communities; 31 new district elementary, middle and high schools opened in September 2012.   In addition to vetting and preparing the new school principal candidates, ONS provides post-opening support in concert with Networks and district superintendents.  By following the link above, prospective new district school leaders can join this elite group of New York City change-makers.

Charter Schools
In an effort to provide more high quality public options for children in New York City, the Charter Schools team focuses on attracting, developing, supporting, and holding charter schools to the highest standard. 

Early Childhood Education
The Early Childhood Education team ensures that more than 65,000 children aged 0-8 are getting a high-quality early childhood education through citywide initiatives. The team works with Community-Based Organizations (CBOs), public schools, and other stakeholders to increase both access to and the quality of early childhood programs with a focus on Universal Pre-Kindergarten.

State School Improvement Policy & Grants
State School Improvement Policy & Grants works on state and federal policy issues.  The team also leads all state and federal school intervention and improvement efforts for Priority Schools, identified as low-performing schools by the New York State Education Department. The team determines Priority School intervention models and applies for grants, monitors model implementation, and investigates policy issues in order to improve student achievement in these schools.