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Today's event:
High School Parent Conferences
09/28/2016 High schools will hold an evening event for parents.

 *Schools may hold their Parent Conferences on non-citywide dates. Contact the individual school to confirm dates.
 **Multi-session schools and District 75 School Programs are exempt from this additional conference. Schools will notify families accordingly if they are holding these events at their site.


Service in Schools Videos

Click on a link to view video in the window above:

  • Intro and M399 Soup Kitchen

    Introduction to some highlights from the 2010-2011 Service in Schools program, featuring students from M399 volunteering at a soup kitchen for people with HIV in conjunction with the Momentum Project. The event was at the Middle Collegiate Church on East 7th Street in Manhattan.

  • K269 - Wounded Warriors Basket Assembly

    Students from K269 in Brooklyn prepare gift baskets for soldiers wounded in Afghanistan.

  • Q078 - Vegetable Garden

    Students from Q078 in Queens learn about nature in nutrition working in their own vegetable garden.

  • R019 - Senior Pantry

    Student from R019 in Staten Island stock the shelves in a community pantry for senior citizens in their area.

  • Conclusion and X118 - Basement Beautification

    Students at X118 in the Bronx help beautify the basement in their school by painting a mural there featuring a positive message.

  • Service in Schools - Gracie Mansion

    Mayor Bloomberg and Chancellor Walcott celebrate the Service in Schools program at Gracie Mansion with participating students and families.