Service in Schools Videos

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  • Intro and M399 Soup Kitchen

    Introduction to some highlights from the 2010-2011 Service in Schools program, featuring students from M399 volunteering at a soup kitchen for people with HIV in conjunction with the Momentum Project. The event was at the Middle Collegiate Church on East 7th Street in Manhattan.

  • K269 - Wounded Warriors Basket Assembly

    Students from K269 in Brooklyn prepare gift baskets for soldiers wounded in Afghanistan.

  • Q078 - Vegetable Garden

    Students from Q078 in Queens learn about nature in nutrition working in their own vegetable garden.

  • R019 - Senior Pantry

    Student from R019 in Staten Island stock the shelves in a community pantry for senior citizens in their area.

  • Conclusion and X118 - Basement Beautification

    Students at X118 in the Bronx help beautify the basement in their school by painting a mural there featuring a positive message.

  • Service in Schools - Gracie Mansion

    Mayor Bloomberg and Chancellor Walcott celebrate the Service in Schools program at Gracie Mansion with participating students and families.