What is StreetSigns?


StreetSigns:A City Kid's Guide to American Sign Language is an Interactive Signsource. This Internet version contains over 200 signs which are divided into 24 language categories, each colorfully represented by an urban metaphor.

Developed in 1994 in collaboration with the children of The Public School for the Deaf in New York City "StreetSigns" was one of the very first projects to explore the possibilities of digital Signing. The students provided much of the original artwork for each category and they are also the featured Signers. In 1996 "StreetSigns" won the Computerworld/Smithsonian Award for Innovation in Technology and is in the Permanent Collection of the Smithsonian Museum of American History. The full CD-ROM based project is on view in the Information Age Exhibit in Washington,D.C. District 75, New York City Public Schools is proud to host this web-based version of "StreetSigns."

On a technical note, "StreetSigns," utilizes Apple Computer's QuickTime technology to display the sign language video clips. To view the video clips, your web browser must have the QuickTime plug-in. If you do not have the QuickTime plug-in you can download it for free from Apple Computer.

We hope you enjoy the "StreetSigns" experience. To enter the "StreetSigns" neighborhood click on the students.