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To contact the Everyday Mathematics: Sharing Resources Group, please e-mail Lisa Emond, Elementary Mathematics Specialist at or write:

Lisa Emond
Everyday Mathematics Sharing Resources Group
52 Chambers Street, Room 208
New York, NY   10007



This project is in its infancy. Users are invited to e-mail suggestions about how the Everyday Mathematic: Sharing Resources Group can add to, improve, or enhance this website so that it will be a growing, dynamic resource for all teachers and coaches in NYC. 



Everyday Mathematics:  Sharing Resources website is produced under the auspices of Joel Klein, Chancellor of the New York City Department of Education, Andres Alonso, Deputy Chancellor for Teaching and Learning, Brenda Steele, Executive Director, Office of Curriculum and Professional Development, and Linda Curtis-Bey, Director of Mathematics and Science.

Project coordinators are Lisa Emond, Mathematics Instructional Specialist, for the Department of Mathematics of the New York City Department of Education, and Cindy Difolco, Math Coach, PS 6, Region 7.  Web designer is Charles Bender, Web Developer & Technology Coach, District 75.  Technology support is provided by Jason Dispinziere, Project Manager, New York City Department of Education.

The principal creators of the website are Lauren Africano, Teacher, PS 6, Region 7; Robin Brawer, Teacher, PS 6, Region 7; John Christiansen, Math Coach, Empowerment Zone; Treasrea Cornelius, Math Coach, PS 53, Region 1; Sandra Einbinder, Math Coach, PS 38, Region 8; Sukainatou N’Jie, Math Coach, Region 10; Peter Rockwitz, Teacher, PS 199, Region 10; Hetal Patel, Math Coach, Region 9; Andrea Woodhouse-Spence, Lead AIS, Region 2; Naomi Isaac-Simpson, UFT Teacher Center; Phyllis Eldracher, Math Coach, PS 111, Region 2; Leslie Fiske, Math Coach, PS 171, Region 4; Catherine Havlicek, Math Coach, PS 10, Empowerment Zone; Anne Sommers, Math Coach, District 75; Ilene Weiskopf, Math Coach, PS 165, Region 3.

Advisors to the website are David Beer, University of Chicago and Virginia Love, consultant, Wright Group/McGraw-Hill.

The website was prepared for publication by the Office of Instructional Publications, Christopher Sgarro, Director.  It was formatted by Tobey Hartman and copyedited by Judy Goldberg.


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