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Parents and students know that great teachers are the key to a great education. Decades of research also confirm that when teachers succeed, students succeed too. The New York City Department of Education’s (NYCDOE’s) highest priority is ensuring that every student is prepared to graduate from high school a critical thinker, ready for college, a career, and a meaningful future.

This is done through the Common Core State Standards. These nation-wide standards define what students need to know and do to be truly ready for college and careers. They provide teachers with fewer, clearer and more rigorous expectations to guide their instruction. To support students in meeting the demands of these new standards, teachers need support in continuously developing their instructional practice over time.

Advance is New York City's teacher development and evaluation system that considers both what teachers do and how students perform. When schools identify effective instructional strategies, and use that knowledge to strengthen teacher practice, students will perform better.