FY 03 Base Calculations


FY 03 Base adjusted for Register/Salary

The reports generated through this Web page show details of the FY 03 Budget Adjusted for Register and Salary.  For schools on Galaxy in FY 03, the report shows amounts by Program (Allocation Category), Fund Source and Line number and Title.  For all other schools the report shows amounts by Program (Quick code), line number and Title.  The following describes how the FY 03 adjusted budget was calculated and describes the bottom line adjustments applied to each school.



Components of the FY 03 Base

Sources of Data:

  • Base: Snapshots of school spending plans were taken in April/May in Galaxy or FAMIS as applicable.
  • Survey: Surveys were sent to Districts for them to indicate the amounts of their March District Office spending plan snapshots that were used for school-based services.  Districts indicated amounts that were spent for each individual school.  For services that districts indicated took place in all schools equally, the spending plan amounts were distributed to all schools in the district based on registers.


Inclusions:  Only following fund sources were included in the base.













* Tax Levy (All Other) does not include NYSTL, CSE or SBST funding.


Within Tax Levy the following quick codes/allocation categories were excluded: Summer, UPK, Adaptive Phys Ed, Partners in Reading, District / Superintendent Office, and Community School Board, SURR Schools.


Terminal Leave and Sabbatical lines were excluded.


Budget amounts updated to Actual Salaries

  • All Galaxy school spending plan annual lines in all fund sources were updated to actual salaries based on file numbers in EIS, annualized for FY 04.  (Note: CSA titles were not updated to reflect collective bargaining agreements.  CSA salaries will be updated in Galaxy by the end of June.)
  • Galaxy survey lines were not adjusted because of the minimal number of teachers on the survey.
  • FAMIS teacher lines from the school spending plans and surveys were updated based on the school FY 03 average teacher salary, annualized for FY 04.  Only fund sources scheduled at the district average salary (tax levy and ‘average salary’ reimbursable programs) were updated.  Spending plans via EIS for all other reimbursable programs are already at actual.


Fringe Benefits: FY 03 fringe rates were added to all personal service lines in all reimbursable programs.



  • All Teacher vacancies in Galaxy spending plans were projected at an annual amount of $40,463 (excluding TSA of $537).  This is the citywide average salary of all new teachers.  All other vacancies were projected at the spending plan amount.
  • All FAMIS and survey vacancies were projected at the spending plan amount.


Subschools were converted to the main school designation.  Collaboratives were consolidated to the HS designation.



  • All mentor teachers were identified based on EIS and subtracted from schools
  • OTPS for new schools:  Schools that received an allocation in FY 03 had these funds removed for FY 04.
  • Category 1 SURR Schools:  Schools in Phase I of the transfer out of D. 85 had half (1/2) of their FY 03 allocation removed.  Schools in Phase II of the transfer had their entire FY 03 allocation removed.


Register adjustment:

School subtotals were adjusted by the projected register change (a factor equal to their Projected October 2003 registers divided by their audited October 2002 registers).


FY 03 Budget Adjusted for Reductions:

All FY 03 school budgets were subsequently reduced by approximately 6% due to New York City Financial Plan reductions; lower teacher salaries on average; absence of the usual rollable tax levy surpluses from the present fiscal year into next year’s (FY 04) budget; timing issues due to not all FY 04 funds being allocated yet; and, some items in the FY 03 budget that are allocated outside the corridor.