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Module 1 funds are designated for Community School Districts (Community School Boards and District Administration) and High School districts to support administrative and supervisory activities.

The FY'02 Module 1 budget reflects the FY'01 initial amount. Contract negotiations have not concluded. As a result, prior year rates are still in effect. Although the DC37 contract is settled, funds to cover increases are not incorporated in the Module 1 allocations. Resources will be allocated at a later date.

Community School Districts

The budget maintains FY'01 changes that merged into Module 1 special education office positions, special education attendance services, the director of operations salary support, the district screening administrator position, a school health aide position, half position of district assessment liaison and the fit for life coordinator position.

The formula is divided into two parts:

  • The "Fixed Cost" portion is the larger of 60% of the total Module 1 appropriation, or $39,644,550. This amount is divided equally among the 32 school districts and District 85.
  • In the "Variable Cost" portion, the remaining funds are distributed on a per capita basis using the audited October 31, 2000 registers.

For the Variable Cost allocation, a register floor of 15,000 pupils is established. In this way, small districts will be guaranteed a minimum variable allocation equivalent to not less than 15,000 students.

High School Districts

The FY'02 high school superintendent office allocation maintains formula changes implemented in transitional year, FY'01. Districts receive funds in two streams:

  • The "Fixed Cost" portion of $1,932,370 per district, which is based on a hypothetical model for a standard high school superintendent's office.
  • A "Variable Cost" portion which distributes the remaining funds on a per capita basis using the audited October 31, 2000 registers.

The hypothetical model for a standard high school superintendent's office is based on the following positions:


    Superintendent   Director of Subjects and Special Projects (2 pos.)  
    Deputy Superintendent (2 pos.)   Administrative Assistant  
    Director of Instruction   Borough Personnel Officer  
    Director of Occupational Education   Assistant Borough Personnel Officer  
    Director of Operations   Computer Service Technician  
    Director of Personnel   District Attendance Supervisor  
    Director of Pupil Personnel Services   Fit for Life Coordinator  
    Director of Reimbursable Programs   Mediation and Conflict Resolution  
    Director of Special Education   Office Clerical Staff (10 pos.)  

District 74, the Chancellor's district, receives a fixed cost allocation set at 41.20% of the standard model. This is due to its unique organizational structure and interrelationship with other offices.

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