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The FY'02 Title II appropriation has not yet been awarded. As a result, the prior year's level of funding is being held constant. Should the actual revenue differ, adjustments may become necessary.

Title II legislation requires that 80% of Title II funds address the needs of school-based staff. Needs must be addressed through surveys, questionnaires or other needs assessment tools. The professional development must be activities comprehensive, voluntary and sustained with follow-up activities. This year, a minimum of 56.82% (up to 100%) may be used for math and science, and up to 43.18% may be used for core subject areas.

Table K:1 lists the preliminary Title II spending plan.


Per capita allocations are provided to the community school districts and high schools in two streams: 1.) fifty percent of the available funds are distributed using the number of low income children from FY'02 Title I target school designation data; and 2.) 50% is allotted based on the audited October 31, 2000 registers. The pupil register includes both special and general education students. Inclusion of special education youngsters is consistent with the policy of removing "barriers" between general and special education. District allotments are listed on Table K:2.


Title II funds are being allotted to supplement costs associated with science staff development and coordination. Staff development funds are allocated to districts, high schools and citywide special education on a per capita basis using the register and the available resources. Additionally, each community school district and high school superintendency is being allocated funds to help support 40% of the cost of a districtwide science coordinator position to help address identified teacher needs. Allocations can be found on Table K:3. BOR Circular No. 1. 2001-02, "Cost Factors for FY 2002 for All Reimbursable Programs," should be consulted for grant numbers and rates. Budget scheduling procedures are found in the "District Schedulization" circular to be issued shortly.


Reimbursable Title II funds are being used to support the Math Resource Centers (MRC) and Science Technical Assistance Centers (STAC). The MRC's and STAC's were transferred from a central to a district responsibility in FY'90. Services, however, continue to be provided to all districts based on locally identified needs. Districts 6 and 8 and Central operate the MRCs, while Districts 22 and 25 are responsible for the STACs. Allocations for these initiatives are shown on Table K:4.

For quick codes, grant numbers and rates refer to BOR Circular No. 1. 2001-02, "Cost Factors for FY 2002 for All Reimbursable Programs." Budget scheduling rules and procedures are found in the "District Schedulization" circular, to be issued shortly.

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