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The FY'02 Title VI appropriation has not yet been awarded. As a result, the prior year's level of funding is being held constant. Should the actual revenue differ, adjustments may become necessary. Table L:1 lists the preliminary Title VI spending plan.


Since FY'90, as a result of the Board's June 21, 1989 resolution, Title VI resources are distributed among the districts, high schools and citywide special education consistent with the way the funds were received by the Board -- 16% based on pupil enrollments and 84% on the number of low income children.

Allotments listed on Table L:2 follow the 16/84% formula. The low income pupil count is the Title I measure of poverty used to determine Title I school eligibility. The number of low income pupils in both Title I and Non-Title I schools is used.

Title VI funds are intended for educational improvement and support services, and special projects. BOR Circular No. 1. 2001-02, "Cost Factors for FY 2002 for All Reimbursable Programs," should be consulted for grant numbers and rates. Budget scheduling procedures can be found in the "District Schedulization" circular, to be issued shortly.

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