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Attendance improvement and dropout prevention programs presented in this section are supported by AI/DP, Supplementary Support Aid, McKinney Intra-City, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) aid and anticipated program accruals.

Following last year's actions with the community school districts, this year high school AIDP initiatives will be combined with the new Special Needs/Academic Intervention Services (AIS) allocation formula.

The change in mode of allocation will not diminish any district's entitlement, nor does it excuse a district's responsibility to provide these pupil services.

Please refer to Section E for the entire Special Needs/Academic Intervention Services program, its description, formula methodology, and allocation.

The distribution of AIDP resources for FY'02 is summarized in Table N:1. The "Cost Factors for Fiscal Year 2001-2002 for All Reimbursable Programs," BOR Circular No. 1, 2001-02, should be consulted for rates and grant numbers and the "District Schedulization" circular, to be issued shortly, for scheduling guidelines and procedures.


Community school districts are responsible for providing services associated with Students Residing in Temporary Housing (STH).

    • Site Based: Family intake services at the STH site, and
    • School Based: Per Capita, supplemental pupil services at the school site.

  • Site Based Family Intake Services
    The STH site allocation formula is based on the number of families per site. For sites not yet occupied, counts are prorated according to expected completion dates.
  Temporary Housing Sites  
          Units (Families)  
  1 to 9   $0  
  10 to 24   $15,000 (= 0.5 family assistant + OTPS)  
  25 to 75   $30,000 (= 1.0 family assistant + OTPS)  
  over 75   Number of units x $500.  
  Transitional Shelter   $30,000 in addition to above  

  Apartments Per Temporary Scatter Housing Site  
          Apartments (Families)  
  1 to 9   $15,000  
  10 to 30   $30,000  
  31 to 60   $60,000  
  61 to 90   $90,000  
  91 to 120   $120,000  
  121 or more   $150,000  

  Summer School Attendance Outreach and
Registration Per Session Allocation
  No. of On-site Personnel x 2 hr day x 5 days week x 5 weeks x $15 hour.  


    The number of units and sites was compiled by the STH Office. The Division of Student Support Services will forward supporting data to districts indicating STH site, number of family units and number of pupils.

  • School Based Services
    Districts with a minimum of 50 pupils who attend their schools and reside at Tier I and Tier II shelters, receive a per capita allocation of $300 per child to implement supplemental school-based programs.

  • Allocation
    STH allocations are presented on Table N:2.

    The school site services allocation will be adjusted at midyear based on the October 31, 2001, Automate The Schools (ATS) report.

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