Revised April 17, 2018


March 15, 2018


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Raymond J. Orlando, Chief Financial Officer



School Planning Support


This memorandum allocates funds to support planning for new schools opening in the next school year. In addition it allocates funds for prevailing consolidating schools to bring two school communities together to form a new school community.


New School Planning

New, school project directors need dedicated time and resources to develop meaningful, community-centered, instructionally rich plans for ensuring the success of every child who attends their school. They began a five-month (01/23/2018 – 6/30/2018) “in residence" program aimed at developing effective school models and practices, engaging with parent, family and community groups, attending professional development sessions and receiving training in school leadership, operations and instructional practice.  These new directors will also participate in a “new schools training collaborative” to instill best practices into their new school design and implementation.

These funds allow new school project directors to be relieved of their duties at their current location so they may work full time on planning their new schools and attending the new schools training collaborative. Funds may be used to offset the salary of the approved new school project director currently working at the school. 

This allotment will be placed in the allocation category: TL New School Planning


School Consolidation

School consolidation is a lever to address under-enrollment and sustainability in schools.  It is a collaborative process in which stakeholders work together to redesign schools by combining them into one revitalized educational community, retaining the best aspects of each school while creating more choice for families in a district. A consolidation should lead to the implementation of new programs or a whole school redesign that will strengthen the school’s long-term viability, growth and improvement.


Prevailing consolidation schools, in collaboration with their superintendents and the Office of School Design, should create a redesign plan with opportunities for the consolidating communities to engage in activities that will lead to a stronger, unified school community with a solid instructional vision.


Prevailing consolidation schools will receive $20,000, 50% allocated in FY 2018 and the remaining released over the summer of 2018.  Funding can be used to support the following OTPS costs:


·         Supplies – General

·         Non-Contractual Services

·         Transportation of Staff – Non-Contract

·         Parental Involvement

·         Printing Services – Contractual

·         Office Temp Services – Contractual

·         Transportation of Pupils – Contractual

·         Educational Consultants

·         Other Administrative Consultants

·         Instructional Curriculum and Staff Development


Funding can also be used in the following titles:

·         Teacher – Regular Grades

·         Supervisor

·         Principal

·         Guidance Counselor Assigned

·         School Secretary


The funding provided by Central will be allocated in the participating school’s budget in the TL School Consolidation or TL School Consolidation HS allocation category.


Download a copy of the School Allocation Memorandum No. 101, FY 2018.



Table 1 – SAM Allocation Summary


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Cherelle D. Lloyd

Jessica Cowitt