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Adaptive Physical Education


Adapted Physical Education is a program specially designed for students with disabilities who may not be able to safely or successfully participate in the activities of a regular physical education program. Since the majority of APE teachers are itinerant, and serve more than one school, funds are being allocated directly to the schools with APE teachers on payroll.


Programmatic information for this program is provided by the Office of School Wellness Programs.  The allocation provides for an APE teacher position at the average salary of $98,892.  Collective bargaining is included in the average teacher salary amount allocated for each position.  Schools should schedule funds in the TL RS APE Teacher Shared allocation category.  Any questions about scheduling or modifying this allocation should be directed to the Office of School Wellness Programs.


This SAM also provides resources for central administration, including positions to support the APE program and scheduling, and Other Than Personal Services (OTPS) for items such as travel, instructional supplies, and testing booklets.


Allocations representing services that may be shared across schools have the word “shared” in the allocation category name.  Examples of shared services include:

·         Principal decisions to collaborate with other schools;

·         Funds transferred from a school or group of schools to a host school or site for payroll and timekeeping purposes; or

·         Services which are clustered for many schools.


Download a copy of the School Allocation Memorandum No. 15, FY 2018



Table 1 – Adaptive Physical Education Allocation Summary

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