May 26, 2017



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Raymond J. Orlando, Chief Financial Officer



Vision for School Improvement


This memorandum funds implementation of the Vision for School Improvement: Applying the Framework for Great Schools.  The vision statement is intended to guide school communities as they focus their efforts and resources toward the goal of continuous learning for educators and success for all students.


The allocation can be used for per session or per diem activities or to partially fund a teacher’s salary to support the implementation of these expectations.  The allocation can also be used for supplies, materials, and printing as needed.


Funds can be used to support work throughout FY 2018 including the summer of 2017.


Table 1 presents each individual school allocation.  Funds are being allocated to schools directly. Funds are to be scheduled in the allocation categories TL Vision for School Improvement and TL Vision for School Improvement CW.


Allowable cost factors include:

Per Session / Per Diem

·         Supervisor Per Session

·         Principal Per Session

·         Prep Period Coverage

·         Teacher - Regular Grades – Per Session

·         Teacher - Regular Grades - Per Diem


Teacher Salary

·         Teacher - Regular Grades

·         Teacher - Special Ed (3101)

·         Coach - Special Ed

·         Coach - Math

·         Coach - Literacy


School funding to support implementation is allocated based on school size.  Schools are divided into three tiers based on projected enrollment as of May 2017.

Tier 1: Less than 500 students

Tier 2: 500 to 1,350 students

Tier 3: More than 1,350 students

The tiered amounts for the allocation to schools are as follows:


Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3






Any unspent funds may not be rolled over into FY 2019.


Schools should refer to Chancellor’s Regulation 175 for per session instructions, including the process for approval of per session hours, and necessary documentation for payment for per session activities.  Documentation must include applications for the posting, timecards, and time sheets.  Additional evidence supporting activities can include team agendas, meeting minutes and school wide memos to teachers and staff, among other things.  Schools should be prepared to present this evidence upon request.  These documents will be required and must be accurate in the event of an audit, or costs will be disallowed and future funding endangered.  Finally, schools that elect to partially fund teacher salaries are required to complete monthly time and effort certification reports for each staff position.


In the event of a school consolidation in SY 2017-2018, the prevailing school will receive the registers of the dissolved consolidated school.  The allocation is based on projected registers for the impacted locations.


Download a copy of the School Allocation Memorandum No. 24, FY 2018



Table 1 – Vision for School Improvement School Allocations Summary

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