May 26, 2017


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Special Education Transitional Supplement


This memorandum funds transitional costs associated with the 2012 special education reforms. Funds are allocated to schools which received funding for full classes prior to the reforms, based on the following methodology:

·         Schools that received funding for unfilled seats in FY 2012 are eligible to receive a transitional supplement in FY 2018, adjusted for changes in their filled seat register as of the final FY 2017 Mid-Year registers.

·         Schools with FY 2018 projected registers greater than or equal to their FY 2017 Mid-Year register (filled + unfilled seats) will not receive a supplement, as they will be funded through register growth.

·         Schools with FY 2018 projected registers less than their FY 2017 Mid-Year register (filled + unfilled seats) will receive a transitional supplement for the difference between the
FY 2018 register and the FY 2017 Mid-Year register, not to exceed the Mid-Year FY 2017 unfilled seat funded registers.

o   Schools that participated in Phase 1 of the special education reform will be funded at the rates set in SAM No. 30 for FY 2012.

o   Non-Phase 1 schools will receive funding based upon the FY 2012 FSF rates multiplied by the school’s FSF 2012 percentage of funding.

·         This allocation will be adjusted at the Mid-Year adjustment based on the FY 2018 register for special education (12/31) in accordance with the provisions set above.


For school consolidations occurring in SY 2017-2018, the prevailing school will receive the registers and unfilled seats of the dissolved consolidated school. The allocation will then follow the methodology described above.


These funds will appear in the allocation categories: TL SE Transitional Funding or TL SE Transitional Funding HS.  These allocation categories contain the same cost factors as Fair Student Funding.


Download a copy of the School Allocation Memorandum No. 30, FY 2018



Table 1 – Special Education Transitional Supplement Allocation Summary

Table 2 – Phase I Transitional Support Allocation

Table 3 – Phase II Transitional Support Allocation

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