July 6, 2017


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Raymond J. Orlando, Chief Financial Officer


Substance Abuse and Violence Prevention/Intervention Program


This memorandum allocates resources to support substance abuse and violence prevention programs administered by the Office of Safety and Youth Development (OSYD), the Field Support Center (FSC) teams and school principals. These programs are primarily funded by the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS), and include a required local match and private funds. This year, a supplemental tax levy allocation has been included to fund 25 positions in Renewal Schools.


Substance Abuse Prevention and Intervention Specialists

In order to target the needs of individual schools, Substance Abuse Prevention and Intervention Specialists (SAPIS) that are assigned to a school full time will continue to report directly to the Principal. Itinerant SAPIS (serving multiple schools) and Level 3 SAPIS workers (providing support to other SAPIS in addition to providing direct services) will be managed by OSYD in conjunction with the Field Support Center teams.


The SAPIS worker will be responsible for providing drug and violence prevention and intervention services to the students at the school to which he or she is assigned. The SAPIS worker will provide students with prevention services which include, but are not limited to individual, group, family and crisis counseling; classroom presentations; peer programming; social skills groups; and, where necessary, referrals for professional services.


If your school does not presently receive SAPIS services, and you would like to request services, please contact OSYD or the youth development contact at the Field Support Center. Requests for services will be reviewed based on school need and available staffing resources.


Time Keeping

Because SAPIS positions are included on the assigned school’s table of organization and are under the Principal’s supervision, the time keeping must be maintained at the assigned school.


OTPS Funds

To support program services, schools receive $500 for Other Than Personnel Services (OTPS) for each SAPIS on their table of organization and budget.   These funds are included in the total school SAPIS allocation.  SAPIS workers will submit spending plans to their Principals for approval.



OASAS program funds are calculated by school to align with payroll.  Services are provided to schools based on the following criteria:

·         a review of school incident data, attendance rates, and the social/emotional needs of students; and/or

·         a request for services from the principal


Allocations will be placed in school locations in the following allocation category: OASAS SUB ABUSE or OASAS LEGISLATIVE INITIATIVE. Allocations for Renewal schools will be placed in the SAPIS Renewal Schools allocation category.  Allocations may also be placed in the following Pass Thru allocation categories to fund SAPIS salaries as displayed in Table 3:

·         OASAS County Initiative Prevention

·         OASAS School Based Initiative

·         OASAS Student Assistance Program

·         OASAS The Gateway Drug Program

·         OASAS Student Assistance Program (City Council)

·         OASAS C.O.S.A. Drug Program

·         OASAS Early Intervention Alcohol/Project

·         OASAS Easy Does It

Download a copy of the School Allocation Memorandum No. 46, FY 2018.


Table 1 – Substance Abuse and Violence Prevention/Intervention Program FY 2018 Spending Plan

Table 2 – Substance Abuse Allocation Summary by District

Table 3 – Substance Abuse Pass Thru Table

Table 4 – Substance Abuse School Detail

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