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F- Status Arts Teacher Program Funding


This allocation provides funding to schools, selected via application, to participate in the F-status Arts Teacher Program, an arts staffing support program that allows small middle and high schools (enrollment <300 students) to provide arts instruction, one day per week,  by a certified arts teacher for the 2017-2018 school year.  Schools that met the criteria and had no certified arts teacher, were invited to apply for the program in December 2015 and October 2016; schools that remained eligible into school year 2017-2018 were invited to continue participation.  A third solicitation will go out to eligible schools in fall 2017 for second semester instruction.  This funding is a part of the Mayor and Chancellor’s commitment of $23 million to support increasing arts education in NYC public schools.


This memorandum provides an overview of the funding that participating schools will receive in 2017-2018.  The program funding must be used to hire an F-status certified arts teacher and the associated studio supplies necessary, and cannot be used to support other school initiatives or staffing.


Participating schools will receive a total allocation of $11,500, to be used for personnel costs and studio stipend, as follows:


Personnel Costs

Selected schools will hire an F-status teacher who is certified in an arts discipline (dance, music, theater or visual arts). Central will provide $10,500 for one day per week of instruction for school year 2017-18.


Studio Stipend

An allotment of $1,000 will be provided to each participating school for each participating F-status arts teacher, to be used for studio instructional supplies and materials to support the new arts program.


By accepting and spending these funds, schools agree to the following stipulations:

·         Hiring an F-status certified arts teacher.

·         Schedule students requiring arts instruction in one day per week of a credit-bearing arts course.

·         Schedule appropriate arts space for classes.

·         Support of the project, including submission of required reporting and supporting materials.

·         Commit to one day for orientation, enculturation, and planning for the F-status teacher at the school to learn more about the school, students, instructional expectations, and any school-wide policies.

·         Schools will not use funding to off-set costs of current program commitments.


Schools that do not staff their F-status teachers by February 1, 2018 will have these allocated funds withdrawn from their budgets.


The Office of Arts and Special Projects will evaluate the efficacy of this program at the conclusion of implementation along with future budget for consideration of future F-status supports for the 2018-2019 school year.


The funding provided by central covering the outlined F-status personnel as well as the additional studio stipend will be allocated in the participating schools budget in the TL Part Time Arts Support or TL Part Time Arts HS allocation categories.  Funding can be scheduled in the following titles:

·         Supplies – General

·         Educational Software

·         Equipment – General

·         Teacher – Regular Grades


Please contact Trenton Price at NYC DOE Office of Arts and Special Projects with any questions at


Download a copy of the School Allocation Memorandum No. 48, FY 2018



Table 1 – F-status Arts Teacher Program Funding Allocation Summary

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