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Attendance Improvement Dropout Prevention (AIDP) Students in Temporary Housing (STH Allocations


This memorandum allocates State Attendance Improvement Dropout Prevention (AIDP) resources to support mandated services and programs for students living in temporary housing (STH). The Office of Safety and Youth Development (OSYD) manages STH services that are provided at both schools and shelters. Table 1 displays the allocation by type of spending and Tables 2 and 3 display the dollar amounts and position counts by school.


Program Staffing

STH field-based staff work in shelters across the city in order to address the needs of students in temporary housing.  The STH field-based staff members serve as liaisons between shelters and schools to provide mandated services under the federal McKinney-Vento Act and provide intervention support and attendance outreach services.


These positions are scheduled on the assigned school’s table of organization. Timekeeping records are maintained at the assigned school. The budget allocations to schools cover wages and fringe benefits and are based on the work schedules of each staff member as approved by the STH liaisons in OSYD borough offices. The PS budget allocations to schools may only be used for the field-based STH staff assignments. Accruals due to staff turnover will be removed from the school budget and reallocated to support other STH program needs.


STH liaisons in OSYD borough offices support schools in collaboration with Field Service Centers to meet the needs of students and families in temporary housing. These liaisons (also known as STH content experts) oversee the work of the STH field-based staff and work with schools and other shelter staff to support the STH population. There is also a small STH central team that is responsible for the program citywide.


OTPS Funds

Schools may request, through the borough STH liaisons, modest Other than Personal Services (OTPS) allocations to cover local travel reimbursement (TRAC) for STH field-based staff. Based on prior year expenditures for travel reimbursement, a total of $10,000 citywide is being reserved for this purpose.


Funds allocated to schools will be scheduled in the AIDP STH SCHOOL AND SITE BASED SHARED allocation category.

Table 1 Summary of AIDP STH Allocations – Allocations to Schools


Field‐based Staff


Reserve for Local Travel (TRAC)





Download a copy of the School Allocation Memorandum No. 50, FY 2018



Table 2 – Attendance Improvement Dropout Prevention (A.I.D.P) Students in Temporary Housing (STH) School Allocation Summary

Table 3 – Attendance Improvement Dropout Prevention (A.I.D.P) Students in Temporary Housing (STH) School Allocation Detail

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