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Attendance Improvement/Dropout Prevention (AIDP) Discretionary Allocation


This memorandum allocates AIDP funds to support student services which address barriers to academic progress including attendance problems, family-related issues, and discipline problems.  Services provided may include school guidance and counseling, attendance improvement efforts, and coordination of services provided by other agencies.


Table 1: Summary AIDP Discretionary Allocation


Allocation Category

Quick Code


Schools (D 1 – 32)









Funds in allocation category AIDP are for eligible schools for personnel costs, including attendance support positions such as family workers, guidance counselors, social workers and other staff members responsible for supplementing attendance programs with interventions or capacity development. Allocation category AIDP is exclusively for personnel costs plus local travel reimbursements for AIDP-funded staff. AIDP is available to schools to supplement attendance programs with personnel who have specialized skills and abilities to provide preventive and intervention services to students and families.


Schools with AIDP allocations will be asked to describe the job duties of school staff funded in part or whole by AIDP, including per session assignments. Schools that do not respond to the request for information risk losing the funding in the following years.


AIDP funds may not be used for staff who primarily perform operational duties like monitoring hallways or lunch rooms, or for staff that spend most of their time on daily attendance routines (collecting and scanning rosters, late notes, parent letters and calls). Schools that use AIDP to fund these non-allowable positions/roles will be removed from the AIDP discretionary allocation for FY 2019.


Ten schools, selected in prior years, will continue to receive funding to cover full-time school social workers who provide support to chronically absent students by identifying and addressing the factors that cause them to miss school. Schools may read more about best practices for increasing student attendance here on the Principals’ Portal.


Travel expenses for centrally-funded attendance teachers are distributed under allocation category AIDP Attendance Teacher Transportation. This category also covers Blackberry service costs for the Attendance Teacher Borough Point positions.


AIDP funding for attendance teacher positions is provided through allocations disseminated in a separate discrete allocation.


Questions should be directed to Kim Suttell, Director of Attendance Policy and Planning, at
(212) 374-6095.


Download a copy of the School Allocation Memorandum No. 52, 2018


Table 2 – Attendance Improvement/Dropout Prevention Allocation Summary

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