DATE: July 17, 2017

TO: Community Superintendents

High School Superintendents

Field Support Center Teams

School Principals


FROM: Raymond J. Orlando, Chief Financial Officer

SUBJECT: Guidance Counselors in High Need Schools

This memorandum allocates funding to continue an initiative that began in FY 2016 to support high-need schools by funding a guidance counselor to positively impact students' academic success, social emotional development, and post-secondary planning. The schools that were included in FY 2017 are included again in FY 2018.


The following selection criteria were initially used to identify participating schools:

         Secondary schools serving grades 7-12 that had neither a guidance counselor nor a school social worker during the year prior to selection;


         Focus, Priority, Persistently Dangerous or Potentially Persistently Dangerous, and/or Renewal schools that lacked a full-time guidance counselor (less than 1.0 FTE guidance counselor) in the year prior to selection; and


         Potentially Persistently Dangerous schools with a School Violence Transitional Index exceeding 3.0 that had 1.0 FTE guidance counselor in the year prior to selection.


The identified schools are receiving funding to support one full-time guidance counselor or full-time bilingual guidance counselor who will be responsible for delivering a comprehensive program supporting all students to be effective learners and contributing members of the school community. The funding may not be used to support any other pedagogical or non-pedagogical positions.


School counselors work in collaboration with the entire school community and are committed to the education and whole development of all students. The school counselor is a key student and staff support services professional. Services provided by school counselors address the three domains of the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) model:


         Academic Planning

         Personal/Social Development

         Career and Post-Secondary Development



The position will be budgeted at the average guidance counselor salary in the allocation category TL GUIDANCE SUPPORT HIGH NEED.


Download a copy of the School Allocation Memorandum No. 53, FY 2018



Table 1 Guidance Counselors in High Need Schools Allocation Summary


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C: Lois Herrera

Jaye Murray

Robert Weiner