July 27, 2017


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Pre-K for All: Additional Paraprofessional Support


This memorandum allocates funds for additional paraprofessional support for Pre-K for All.


The Division of Early Childhood Education (DECE) administers Pre-K programs for NYC students in district elementary schools, Pre-K Centers, charters, and New York City Early Education Centers (NYCEECs).  By working together with families and programs, DECE ensures that children are engaged, nurtured, and supported with the tools to develop into independent learners and creative problem-solvers.


The Department of Education (DOE) and the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) have agreed that, in high demand neighborhoods, class size can be increased to 20 students with the addition of a paraprofessional. 


DECE is happy to partner with high demand schools in offering more students the opportunity to enroll in Pre-K and begin their first step towards success in DOE community school districts. To support this critical expansion of Pre-K in these districts, funding is provided for an additional Pre-K paraprofessional for each Pre-K classroom that will be serving 19 or 20 students. Schools must prioritize filling each class to 18 before increasing a class size to 19 or 20.


While the Office of Student Enrollment (OSE) made 18 offers for Pre-K sections at schools citywide, schools approved to increase their maximum class size to 20 may continue to enroll students from their waitlists in the appropriate priority order. This funding is in addition to the per-classroom funding allocated through School Allocation Memorandums No. 22 and No. 29


This funding should be used to create paraprofessional vacancies in Galaxy only where class-size is 19 or 20. Paraprofessional hiring must follow Human Resource guidelines. Questions about hiring should be directed to FSC HR Directors.


Program Allocation

Schools in high need districts with Pre-K classes that have 19 to 20 students will receive funding for an additional paraprofessional at the average salary, including fringe. Funds have been allocated and should be scheduled in the allocation categories below:

         Pre-K Ed Para Support High Need Districts.

         Pre-K Center Para Support High Need Districts.


Download a copy of the School Allocation Memorandum No. 55, FY 2018


Table 1 Pre-K Additional Para Allocation Summary


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