July 24, 2017


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Attendance Improvement/Dropout Prevention (AIDP) and Tax Levy (TL)


Attendance Teachers


This memorandum allocates AIDP and TL funds to support a total of 264 attendance teacher positions.  These funds may not be used for any other purpose.  The allocation by school is displayed on the attached table.  Funds should be scheduled in the following allocation categories: TL Attendance Shared and AIDP Attendance Shared.


Funding for the attendance teachers’ salaries is allocated to the payroll schools based upon an average teacher salary for attendance teachers.  Attendance teachers are itinerant servicing multiple schools. They are supervised and coordinated by the Attendance Supervisors in the Field Support Centers.  Day-to-day supervision of attendance teachers, professional development and completion of an annual review is led by FSC supervisors, in collaboration with school principals. FSCs also process local travel reimbursements for the attendance teachers.


Per Chancellor’s Regulation C-604, attendance teachers will submit an itinerant time record to the payroll secretary responsible for preparing the service report on which the name of the attendance teacher (itinerant pedagogue) appears. Teachers do not have to report to payroll schools on a daily basis. A list of Attendance Teacher duties and responsibilities is attached and further guidance is available to schools on the Principals’ Portal.


Programmatic information has been provided by the Office of Safety and Youth Development. For questions regarding the memo, please contact Kim Suttell, Senior Director of Attendance Policy and Planning at (212) 374-6095.

Download a copy of the School Allocation Memorandum No. 58, FY 2018


Download a copy of Appendix - Attendance Teacher Duties and Responsibilities

Table 1 – Attendance Improvement/Dropout Prevention Allocation Summary

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