August 18, 2017


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Raymond J. Orlando, Chief Financial Officer



Safe Schools Initiative


This memorandum allocates funds to high need schools to improve student behavioral outcomes so that each school provides a safe and supportive environment in which students can achieve academic success.


Funds for the identified schools may support contracted professional development and direct student services. Professional development is expected to build the capacity of school personnel to sustain long-term improved school tone and culture beyond the time frame of this initiative. In particular, 30 schools with high participation rates in restorative approaches training during school year 2016-2017 are receiving funds for on-site coaching and support of staff members implementing restorative circles.  One large high school is receiving funds to implement an approach for improving school tone and culture called Safe Public Spaces whereby school staff members are trained to promote positive student behaviors and interactions and prevent, understand, and respond to disciplinary infractions.


Direct services to students will be provided at three schools by external community-based organization partners who will supervise social work interns. The social workers will support student academic progress, emotional wellness, and organizational skills by connecting young people with mental health clinical supports, tutoring, positive young adult role models, supported internships, employment opportunities, and non-stigmatizing family-level interventions.


Program designs will be developed at the respective schools in partnership with Office of Safety and Youth Development (OSYD) and then submitted for approval by OSYD staff.


Tax Levy funds directly allocated to a school’s budget will be placed in the TL SAFE SCHOOL allocation category in accordance with Table 1. Schools should schedule their allotment in accordance with their approved program proposal.


Download a copy of the School Allocation Memorandum No. 65, FY 2018



Table 1 – Safe Schools Initiative Allocation Summary

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