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Equity & Excellence Initiative - Universal Literacy Classroom Libraries


This allocation provides supplemental funding to schools participating in Cohort 2 of the Universal Literacy Initiative (ULIT) in order to support the continued building of classroom libraries and collections of texts for small group instruction across Kindergarten, first, and second grades in these locations.  These materials will provide needed resources that will enhance instruction in connection with the various curricular programs in use.


The funding provided per school is based on an allocation of $101.16 per student multiplied by the number of students enrolled in March 2017 in grades K-2.


These funds may be used for the purchase of necessary classroom library books as well as collections of texts for small group instruction in the three target grades.  “Big books” may also be purchased.  No curricular programs or assessment kits may be purchased with these funds.  Funding will be restricted to the object codes 100 and 338.


Principals and/or their designee must work collaboratively with their assigned Universal Literacy (ULIT) Reading Coach/es in order to develop the list of books to be ordered.  Schools are free to use any approved vendor for this purchase.  ULIT reading coaches will be provided with recommendations by the Early Literacy Team in the Office of Curriculum, Instruction and Professional Learning to aid in this process.


All standard operating procedures and fiscal year deadlines for procurement with tax-levy funds apply.


Allocations will be placed in each school’s budget under the allocation category TL E&E Universal Literacy.


Please contact Andrew Fletcher, Director of Early Literacy at for additional information.


Download a copy of the School Allocation Memorandum No. 67, FY 2018


Table 1 – Equity & Excellence Initiative - Universal Literacy Classroom Libraries Allocation Summary

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