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Special Classes in Pre-K Centers


This memorandum provides resources supporting the implementation of Pre-K Center Special Classes.  A Special Class is a classroom that only serves students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) whose needs cannot be met within the general education setting or Special Class in an Integrated Setting (SCIS) classroom.


The Division of Early Childhood Education (DECE) administers Pre-K programs for NYC students in district elementary schools, Pre-K Centers, charter schools and NYC Early Education Centers (NYCEECs). By working together with families and programs, DECE ensures that children are engaged, nurtured and supported with the tools to develop into independent learners and creative problem-solvers.


Pre-K Centers are NYC Department of Education (NYCDOE) programs that exclusively serve Pre-K Students (4 year-olds) and 3-K Students (3 year-olds).  Each center has a dedicated team; its leaders, teachers, and staff are NYCDOE personnel. Pre-K Centers are located either in new buildings specifically designed to serve pre-K classes, or in existing district school buildings. Pre-K Centers provide full-day services (6 hours, 20 minutes).


This allocation applies for FY 2018 only.  Please note that budget allocations are subject to change every fiscal year.  Additionally, in FY 2018 there may be subsequent adjustments to the initial allocations based upon the progression of enrollment and registration.  For more questions on this, please contact your Field Support Center (FSC).



The Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE) is responsible for placement of children with IEPs that recommend Special Class.  The CPSE will reach out to a Pre-K Center to make placement arrangements.  In accordance with New York State Education Department (NYSED) regulations, Special Classes must be available to children ages 3 and 4, with IEPs.


12:1:2 Special Class Allocation Details

A 12:1:2 Special Class serves students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) whose needs cannot be met within the general education setting. Children in a 12:1:2 Special Class have extensive needs, as described in annual goals and short term objectives, which require a comprehensive special


education program to meet his/her IEP goals.  They require a greater deal of adult support, attention, direction and supervision than is typical in general education settings in order to benefit from the instructional program.


A 12:1:2 Special Class is led by a special education teacher and has two paraprofessionals with up to 12 students.  It supports all of the elements of the Pre-K model and includes a special education teacher (with prep period and absence coverage), two additional paraprofessional (with absence coverage), and other than personal services. Schools will receive the following funding for both teachers and the education paraprofessionals:


Staffing provides the following:

·         Teachers provide classroom instruction for five periods with one lunch and prep period per day

·         Paraprofessionals support the classroom for up to six periods with free lunch period per day


In addition to meeting the 12:1:2 classroom staffing requirements, in FY 2018, these classes will also receive funding for teacher and paraprofessional coverage to support coverage needs.


Pre-K Centers also receive funding to support the following:

·         Absence coverage (8 days per teacher and educational paraprofessional)

·         Shared planning time for teachers and educational paraprofessionals

·         $2,500 discretionary allocation per class (described later in this SAM)

·         $8,000 will be provided for start-up materials for new classroom.


Pre-K Centers with 12:1:2 classes will receive an allotment for a team of Related Service Clinicians inclusive of 1 Speech Provider, 1 Occupational Therapist and 1 Physical Therapist.


Discretionary Allocation per Classroom

Each Pre-K Center classroom will be allocated $2,500 for instructional materials, supplies, instructional activities, etc. The table below is a suggested breakdown of how to schedule funds.


Object Code

Description of Item



Instructional materials and supplies, authentic assessment tools, cooking experiences



Family engagement and family literacy activities


Per Session

Per Session coverage for professional development participation






Please note that Pre-K Centers are responsible for professional development, family engagement, and additional discretionary needs. Also, that the 600 object code series is not an allowable expense in this program.


12:1:2 Special Class Program Guidelines

All 12:1:2 Special Classes in Pre-K Centers must be led by a special education teacher and have two paraprofessionals with up to 12 students.  Instruction must be aligned with the New York State Pre-Kindergarten Foundation for the Common Core.  Opportunities should be identified, whenever

feasible and appropriate, for students to be with nondisabled peers during the day (e.g. gross motor time).


Full-day 12:1:2 Special Classes in Pre-K Centers should operate for no less than 6 hours and 20 minutes per day with a minimum of five hours of instruction.  For Special Classes, breakfast, lunch, snack and rest/nap time are not considered instruction.


If you have any questions about program guidelines please contact the Special Education Office at


Breakfast and Lunch

Programs must provide appropriate meals and snacks to ensure the nutritional needs of children are met. Meals and snacks shall be provided in an environment supportive of staff and children interaction, at an appropriate time with sufficient time to eat and interact. Family-style meals in the classroom are typically most conducive to meeting these requirements.


The Office of School Food has included Pre-K Centers in the State Education Department (SED) grant for Universal School Meals (USM).  Through the duration of the USM cycle, each participating student must be counted at the point where meals are served for breakfast and lunch.


Daily meal accountability procedures are required for the duration of the USM cycle and must be maintained from the first operational school day to the last to avoid potential financial liabilities. For information on food allergies and special dietary restrictions, please visit the School Food Website. For further guidance, please review Chancellor’s Regulations A-815 or connect with your on-site School Food Manager and District Supervisors.  If your staff have any questions please instruct them to contact School Food Eligibility Customer Information at (718) 707-4400.


Funds should be scheduled in Galaxy using the allocation categories listed below:

·         Pre-K Center Special Classes

·         Pre-K Center RS Special Classes


If you have questions about the Pre-K program model or use of the funds to support it, please contact your FSC Budget Director or visit the Early Childhood web site.


Download a copy of the School Allocation Memorandum No. 68, FY 2018



Table 1 – Pre-K Special Classes Summary

Table 2 – Pre-K Special Classes Allocation

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