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Certification of Core Curriculum Program Materials


This allocation provides Core Curriculum opt-in schools with resources to certify Core Curriculum program materials before the start of the new school year.


Principals assign a Certification Logistics Coordinator (or multiple coordinators depending upon the level of work to be performed) who will support the work of Core Curriculum certification.  The designee must not be the person who originally placed the school’s Core Curriculum order. This designee should be familiar with Core Curriculum programs and materials (e.g., your school’s certifier, a teacher, achievement coach, school aide, assistant principal or other administrative/support personnel).


The allocation can be used for per session activities to support the work associated with the certification of Core Curriculum program materials including: unpacking and counting of materials; recording quantities on the provided certification checklist; and submitting the checklist to the certifier (designated by the principal) to be entered into the Core Curriculum certification dashboard no later than Fall 2017. The funds will be released at designated intervals after your certifier has confirmed receipt of all Core Curriculum orders in the ordering tool. For additional information on the certification process and the responsibilities of the principal, certifier and certification logistics coordinator, please click here.


School funding to support the certification of Core Curriculum program materials is allocated based on estimates of the number of boxes received.  Each school's allocation is calculated as a percentage of the total box count across the Core Curriculum program.  Funds for schools that have opted-in but not yet placed an order will be available at a later date.


Allowable cost factors include:

·         Per Session


The certification logistics coordinator will be accountable for ensuring that counts are completed and the documentation for subsequent certification on FAMIS (to be completed by fall 2017) is submitted to the certifier.


Schools should refer to Chancellor’s Regulation 175 (C-175) for per session instructions, including the process for approval of per session hours, and necessary documentation for payment of per session activities.  Documentation must include: applications for the posting, time cards, and time sheets.


Schools should schedule funds in the following allocation categories TL Core Curriculum Support and TL Core Curriculum Support CW.


Download a copy of the School Allocation Memorandum No. 72, FY 2018



Table 1 – Certification of Core Curriculum Program Materials Allocation Summary

Table 2 – Certification of Core Curriculum Program Materials Allocation Timeframe

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