August 24, 2017


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Raymond J. Orlando, Chief Financial Officer



Measures of Student Learning Assessment Administration Support


This memorandum allocates funds to support Measures of Student Learning (MOSL).


In the 2017-2018 school year, all NYC schools will continue to implement Advance, the teacher development and evaluation system required by New York State Education Law 3012-d. Based on this education law, a teacherís rating includes MOSL. Throughout the 2017-2018 school year, all NYC schools continue to have access to DOE-provided assessment materials, including beginning-of-year and end-of-year NYC Performance Tasks and other baseline, benchmark, and end-of-year materials that may be eligible for use in Advance.


In FY 2018, schools will receive Measures of Student Learning Assessment Administration Support funds to facilitate the implementation of Advance. School allocations were determined by enrollment from ATS from December 2016 that was broken into three tiers. The tiered amounts for the allocation to schools are as follows:


Number of students per school

Per School Allocation

Tier 1: < 500

Less than 500 students


Tier 2: 500 - 1,350

500 to 1,350 students


Tier 3: > 1,350

More than 1,350 students



This allocation can be used for per session funds to support administration and scoring activities necessary for the successful implementation of assessments, including training personnel on how to use rubrics and norming on student performance levels. Per session or per diem activities may also include assessment printing, distribution, scheduling, and coordination related to MOSL assessment administration. This allocation can also be used to purchase K-2 texts, or other supplies and materials needed to support the NYC Performance Tasks or other MOSL-eligible assessments.


Funds are to be scheduled in the allocation category TL MOSL or TL MOSL CW and can be used to support work throughout FY 2018. Unspent funds from this allocation cannot be rolled over into FY 2019 school budgets.


Schools should refer to Chancellorís Regulation 175 (C-175) for per session instructions, including the process for approval of per session hours, and necessary documentation for payment for per session activities. Documentation must include applications for the posting, time cards, and time sheets. Additional evidence for supporting activities can include team agendas, meeting minutes and school wide memos to teachers and staff, among other things. Schools should be prepared to present this evidence upon request. Supporting documentation is required and must be accurate in the event of an audit, or costs will be disallowed and future funding endangered.


Download a copy of the School Allocation Memorandum No. 76, FY 2018



Table 1 Ė Measures of Student Learning Assessment Administration Support Allocation Summary

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