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Educator Pipeline Programs


This memorandum allocates funds to support programs that strengthen school leaders and educator pipelines.  The Leaders in Education Apprenticeship (LEAP) and New Principal Support allocations support principal preparation, leadership development and coaching, whereas the Continuous Learning Program and New York City Men Teach (NYCMT) builds teacher practice, leadership and collaboration.


The Leaders in Education Apprenticeship Program (LEAP)

The Leaders in Education Apprenticeship Program (LEAP) is a 12-month, school-based, on-the-job principal preparation and leadership development program run by the New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE).  The program focuses on further developing individuals who have demonstrated leadership capacity and transforming them into the future leaders and school administrators for New York City public schools.


LEAP is a unique model that develops school leaders within their current school environment and creates opportunities to harness existing relationships, including those with current principals to promote leadership growth.  LEAP utilizes multiple learning experiences and provides apprentices with on-the-ground support and access to a trained and experienced LEAP Faculty Member. The LEAP model is aligned with the NYCDOE's instructional initiatives and priorities, and it is grounded in research and NYCDOE Quality Review leadership-based competencies.


LEAP 2017-2018 Cohort Model

All current LEAP Apprentices underwent the same selection process and were evaluated using a common rubric by Office of Leadership staff.  This year’s LEAP cohort was selected taking into consideration many factors, including:


o   candidates’ performance during the interviews

o   letters of recommendation written on their behalf

o   superintendent input

o   background checks by DHR

o   NYCDOE interest in creating a class that is diverse across boroughs, grade bands, school types, and demographic groups


These funds are to be used solely as compensation for per session/per diem to provide release time for the LEAP apprentice.  The LEAP apprentice should be allowed release time for attending the LEAP professional series (5 times per year) and other LEAP related residency requirements for their additional work of contributing to school improvement and capacity building across the system.  In the case of schools where the LEAP Apprentice is a 12-month Assistant Principal, funds will also be allocated to the school to offset the expense of releasing that Assistant Principal for the LEAP Summer Intensive.


Funds should be scheduled in the TL LEAP and TL LEAP HS allocation category.  Allocation amounts for each school can be viewed in the attached Table 2.


New Principal Support – Master Principals and Coaching Fellowship

Master Principals and the Coaching Fellowship are both part of an ongoing, internal initiative for providing new principals with one-on-one coaching and targeted professional learning to meet their unique needs during their first and second years as building leaders.


Working with a New Principal Support (NPS) Leadership Team within the Office of Leadership, each Master Principal and Coaching Fellow will coach first and second year principals and provide necessary supports needed to become effective building leaders.  By the end of the second year, the new principal will be supported to identify and establish systems that promote high student achievement, strong instructional practice, collaboration, trust, shared leadership, family/community engagement, and student ownership of learning.


First year principals receive a minimum of 72 hours of job-embedded coaching, which may be differentiated according to need and administrative experience.  They will also have the opportunity to participate in the NPS Summer Institute, Onboarding New Principals (ONP), NPS Conferences and ongoing learning sessions.


Second year principals have an option to choose from a menu of coaching options to meet their needs.  In addition to 1:1 in person coaching, they will also have the opportunity to participate in the NPS Summer Institute, NPS Conferences and ongoing learning sessions.


Master Principals:

The goal of the Master New Principal Coach program is to provide coaching and other support services to new principals during their first and/or second year in the role. Master Principals support three new principals within their home district.  Selected Master Principals retain their status as principals of their home school.  In addition to their regular principal salary, they also receive a contractual stipend of $25,000.


Master Principal stipends will be allocated directly to the listed schools’ budgets and must be used solely for stipend purposes.


Coaching Fellows:

The Coaching Fellowship is a one-year commitment in which a strong, sitting principal leaves his/her school in order to provide new principals with coaching and support.  To be eligible for a Fellowship, a sitting principal also needs a strong Assistant Principal who will serve as the Interim Acting Principal for their home school during the Fellowship year.  Both the Principal and the AP must have the endorsement of their home district Superintendent.  Coaching Fellows support up to 12 new principals citywide.


-       Role of the Assistant Principal serving as Acting Principal: During the Fellowship year, the Acting Principal assumes all roles and responsibilities for the operation of the school.  In this capacity, that may also include preparing the school for a Quality Review. The evaluation of the Acting Principal will be the same Principal Performance Review (PPR) process used for all Acting Principals, including two Principal Performance Observation (PPO) visits.


-       Evaluation of the Coaching Fellow: During the Fellowship year, the Coaching Fellow will be evaluated using the A-B-C Supervisory Evaluation forms.  The goals for the A-B-C forms will be developed in conjunction with the leadership of NPS and the Office of Leadership, and confirmed by the Superintendent. The Coaching Fellows final rating will be given by the Superintendent, in consultation with the leadership of NPS and the Office of Leadership.


Scheduling Instructions:

·         The acting principal should be funded with Fair Student Funding. 

·         The coaching fellow should be split funded with this allocation and Fair Student Funding.

Funding from this allocation may only be used for direct costs associated with these personnel changes during the 2017-2018 school year.

Allocation amounts will be released in two parts contingent upon funding availability. The first allocation will be specifically for the coaching fellowship model and the second will be released at a later date specifically for the master principals. Allocation amounts for each school can be viewed in the attached Table 3. The funds for this allotment will be placed in the allocation category, TL New Principal Support.


During the 2017-2018 school year, the NPS program has identified 6 Coaching Fellows and 12 Master Principals.  Depending on the number of new principals that onboard throughout the year, NPS may need to increase the number of Master Principals and Coaching Fellows to serve the new principals. Both NPS Master Principals and Coaching Fellows will receive support and professional development through: regular NPS Coaches/Coaching Fellows meetings (including intensive, onboarding training in late August/early September), internal and external professional learning opportunities such as seminars and conferences on coaching or related subjects, check-ins, and peer-to-peer support among all NPS team members.


Continuous Learning Fellows Program

The Continuous Learning Fellows program is intended to build the capacity of educators to solve critical problems.  The Continuous Learning Fellows are teachers who will lead improvement work in their own schools with the support of job-embedded coaches from the Continuous Learning team.  Field Support Center and Superintendent teams will learn alongside the Fellows, enabling the involved schools to benefit from support at the borough and district levels, tested instructional practices and new skills acquired through the Fellows’ work.


The Fellows will develop as practitioners, leaders and collaborators with other educators, both within and across their schools, while solving authentic school-level problems.  Fellows will engage teacher colleagues in improvement teams, providing the opportunity for the teams to learn from Fellows as they engage in the improvement science process.  Fellows will share their process and solutions with teacher, district and FSC colleagues across schools, at convenings and between sessions. The allocation can be used for books, materials, supplies, space, professional development, and software, as needed, to support the implementation of these expectations.

The funds for this allotment will be placed in the allocation category TL Continuous Learning Fellows.   Allotments can be used to support work throughout FY 2018 including the summer of 2017. Allocation amounts for each school can be viewed in the attached Table 4.


New York City Men Teach

New York City Men Teach (NYCMT) is a mayoral initiative that is committed to inspiring more men of color to become teachers in New York City through engagement and recruitment efforts.


NYCMT was created to bring more diverse cultures and perspectives into our classrooms by increasing the number of male educators of color.  By design, NYC Men Teach incorporates two main elements:

·         Work with teacher pipelines and talent sources to recruit and train candidates.

·         Collaborate with partnering schools and committed educators to facilitate hiring and induction supports that enhance their success and retention.


Funds will be provided in allocation categories TL Men Teach Partner or TL Men Teach Partner HS and the allocation will support HUB Schools:


HUB Schools:

Through collaboration with participating schools, mentors, and teachers, NYCMT is supporting innovative practices and strategies that move the needle academically for our students and provide opportunities for teachers, school staff, and school leaders to build and develop instructional skills and leadership skills that increase retention for our male teachers of color. School allocations were designated for NYCMT HUB schools that serve as sites for innovative practices for the NYCMT community, and schools/teachers involved in the NYCMT Fellowship, which supports student engagement and achievement and teacher leadership.


Funds are being allocated to each participating school to create professional development opportunities, support school-wide programming, and to create materials to share with program participants. Allocations will be limited to the following categories: Supplies and materials (100); educational software (199); library books (337); local business meeting and related expenditures (451); printing (615); transportation of students (669); professional services for students (685); educational consultants (686); or professional development services (689).


For any questions regarding this allocation, please contact Richard Haynes at or Crystel Harris at


Download a copy of the School Allocation Memorandum No. 82, FY 2018


Table 1 – Education Pipeline Programs School Allocation Summary

Table 2 – Education Pipeline Programs Leaders in Education Apprentice Program Allocation Detail

Table 3 – Education Pipeline Programs New Principal Support Allocation Detail

Table 4 – Education Pipeline Programs Continuous Learning Fellows Allocation Detail

Table 5 – Education Pipeline Programs New York City Men Teach Allocation Detail

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