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College and Career Readiness for ELLs Initiative


This memorandum funds college and career readiness programs for English Language Learners (ELLs) in middle and high schools.  The initiatives are designed to increase the capacity of New York City schools to deliver high-quality programs that help prepare ELLs for college and careers.


Early College Awareness for ELLs – Middle Schools

This initiative will ensure that every ELL student has the opportunity to participate in an early college awareness program designed to support ELLs.  The goal is to help students and their families start thinking and planning for college as early as middle school.  All standard operating procedures and fiscal year deadlines for procurement funds apply. Schools interested will complete a request for proposal.


Participating schools must design an early college awareness program tailored for ELLs that consists of two or more of the following items: 

·         Early college awareness workshops for students

·         Targeted ELL family engagement events about the importance of early college awareness

·         College trip for ELL students and families

·         Professional development for school staff  with the goal of providing them with best practices and methods to raise early college awareness for ELLs and identifying best practices to support them

·         Specialized High School Admission Test (SHSAT) and/or PSAT preparation


College and Career Readiness for ELLs – High Schools

This initiative will increase the ability of NYC high schools to deliver high-quality college and career planning and significantly raise the numbers of ELL students who graduate ready for a postsecondary education.


Participating schools must design a college and career readiness program tailored for ELLs that consists of two or more of the following items: 

·         Collaborate with community-based organizations or institutions of higher education to provide college and career readiness program specifically designed for ELLs

·         Workshop for students to explore colleges and careers through project based assignments, college visits, and workshops on the college application process

·         Project-based learning opportunities that build students’ academic literacy and content knowledge

·         Content Area Credit Accumulation/Acceleration

·         Internship opportunities

·         PSAT, SAT, ACT and/or TOEFL Preparation

·         College and career readiness engagement event for ELL families


Program Implementation

Participating schools must provide and implement the Program Proposal funded with this allocation.  Each borough will be assigned a program liaison from the Division of English Language Learners and Student Support (DELLSS) who will be responsible for the following:

Site Visits

·         On-site visits to ensure that the program is being facilitated as prescribed in the approved Program Proposal.  All sites will be required to provide the date, time and location of all events.


Attendance Monitoring to ensure that there is adequate student participation.

·         Adequate participation is defined as 10 or more students in attendance at each event.  Programs with inadequate student-participation will be monitored and encouraged to extend the invitation of their program to students with like needs in neighboring schools.


In addition, participating schools will be required to report all data that is requested from DOE central including:

·         Participating student OSIS numbers

·         Calendar of all events

·         Schedule for trip(s), student workshops, parent events

·         Student and parent event attendance sign-in sheets, surveys and assessment forms


Procurement and Off-Campus Events

Schools must follow the standard procurement procedures, as outlined by the Division of Contracts and Purchasing, when procuring contracted and non-contracted services from a vendor.  The following resources are available to assist with procurement needs:

·         DOE Procurement Policy and Procedures

·         Tools for schools


In addition, schools must follow Chancellor Regulation A-670 School Trips when preparing for off-campus events.



Proposals were reviewed and funded based on the recommendation of the DELLSS appointed pedagogical review committee.  All programmatic and fiscal inquiries should be addressed to the DELLSS Director of College and Career Readiness Programs, Gilberto Garcia (


Funding will be allocated in Galaxy in the TL ELL Initiative College Ready or TL ELL Initiative CW allocation category.


Download a copy of the School Allocation Memorandum No. 92, FY 2018



Table 1 – College & Career Readiness for ELLs Allocation Summary

Table 2 – College & Career Readiness for Middle School ELLs Detail

Table 3 – College & Career Readiness for High School ELLs Detail

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