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School Year 2018 Regents Scoring


This allocation funds scoring of Regents exams at citywide distributed scoring sites.


According to NYSED policy, the NYC DOE will continue to utilize a distributed scoring program in which staff members cannot score Regents exams of students that attend their school. This applies to all schools that administer Regents exams.


January 2018 Regents scoring will take place from January 22 through 25, and will be completed through a combination of scoring during the school day, scoring in the evenings and on the weekends (a.k.a. per session scoring).


Allocations may be used as determined by the principals of the host Regents scoring sites: 1) to cover per session activities that prepare staff-- including supervisors, teachers, school aides, and secretaries—for scoring or 2) to order supplies and technology to support scoring activities.


For January 2018, participating sites that operate during day and per session hours will receive $2,750.  Sites that operate only during day or per session hours will receive $1,750. Sites that have agreed to score multiple exam content subjects will be allocated an additional $1,250, and sites that are required to print examination rating guides locally will receive an additional $250 per exam subject rating guide to be printed.


To better plan for scoring activities, a number of schools have already agreed to serve as scoring sites for both January and June 2018 administrations; these schools will also receive a base allocation of $2,000 for June scoring. The rest of their June allocation will be provided closer to the June 2018 exam administration.


The allotments in Table 1 below will be placed in TL Regents Distributed Scoring.


Download a copy of the School Allocation Memorandum No. 93, FY 2018.



Table 1 –Regents Distributed Scoring Allocation Summary


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