December 19, 2017


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Raymond J. Orlando, Chief Financial Officer



Renewal ELA/Math Supplemental Support Services


This memorandum funds additional academic supports to students in Renewal schools as described in their 2017-2018 Renewal School Comprehensive Educational Plan (RSCEP).  Funding is based on the following criteria.


FY 2018 Criteria:

1)    School Designation:

a.    Persistently Struggling – Renewal schools that have been in the most severe accountability status since the 2006-2007 school year.

b.    Struggling – Renewal schools that have been Priority Schools since 2012-2013.

c.     All other Renewal schools – Renewal schools not labeled as persistently struggling or struggling.


2)    Student Needs:

a.    Students falling below thresholds on state exams for grades 3-8

b.    Students in grades 9-12 scoring below 65 on 2016-2017 Regents exams.

c.     Students in temporary housing (STH), and students that are long term ELLs.

d.    Students who are Over Age/Under Credited

e.    Students in poverty


Schools will receive a minimum allocation of $5,000. Schools with a 2017-2018 Fair Student Funding percent greater than 100% will not receive funding.


Guidelines for Supplemental Allocation:

Schools receiving this allocation should use these funds to support the implementation of Academic Intervention Services and Response to Intervention.


Funds should be prioritized for math and literacy interventions (phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension and writing) and related formative assessments. Funds may also be used for SAT/ACT Courses, programs aligned with Common Core Standards, and other types of support in accordance with the school’s overall academic intervention services plan. Furthermore, funds can be spent on personnel to help bolster AIS programmatic supports.



If you have questions or require support in scheduling your funds, please contact


Funds should be scheduled in the TL Renewal ELA/Math Student Support allocation category.


Download a copy of the School Allocation Memorandum No. 93




Table 1 – Renewal School ELA/Math Supplemental Support Services Allocation Summary

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