January 3, 2018



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Equity and Excellence: Algebra for All


This memorandum allocates supplemental funding for the Algebra for All (A4A) initiative.


The schools included in this allocation were selected through the competitive 2017 Algebra for All Grant Program, managed by the Office of Curriculum, Instruction and Professional Learning’s (CIPL) Department of STEM.


Funds must be used to support the Algebra for All initiative described by schools in their Algebra for All grant applications. Funding may be used to pay for direct services provided by schools’ partnering with approved A4A professional learning partner organizations, direct services to students, and/or family and community education in mathematics. Funding may also be used to cover certain other project expenses (e.g. additional per session hours, supplies, and materials or math manipulatives). Funds from this allocation may not be used for school personnel salaries, new school math curricula materials, or the purchase of new technology.


Individual school allocations range up to $15,000, based on the amount each school requested in their grant applications. All standard operating procedures and fiscal year deadlines for procurement with tax-levy funds apply. Unspent allocated funds cannot be rolled over into FY 2019 school budgets. Schools will be required to provide documentation of all expenditures made with this funding allocation as part of an end-of-year project/residency report that will be submitted to the Department of STEM. Timely submission of a complete report in June 2018 will influence decisions regarding future school allocations as part of the Algebra for All initiative.


Allocations will be placed in each school’s budget under the category TL E&E Algebra for All.


Please contact Carol Mosesson-Teig, Senior Director of Mathematics, at or Beth Wehner, Director of Algebra for All, at for additional information.


Click here to download a copy of the School Allocation Memorandum.



Table 1 – Equity and Excellence: Algebra for All Allocation Summary

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C:        Phil Weinberg

Anna Commitante

Linda Curtis-Bey

Carol Mosesson-Teig

Beth Wehner

Dan Aymar-Blair

Tinesha Ross