September 21, 2005



To:      Members of the Comprehensive Financial Monitoring Task Force

From:  Bruce Feig  

Re:      September Financial Status Report

           The Department of Education (DOE) is pleased to submit the first Financial Status Report (FSR) for FY2006.  The fiscal reports included in this document reflect the Cityís FY2006 Adopted Budget.  The recently approved City Council modification (MN-1), which added approximately $1 million to the DOE budget, is reflected in the current operating budget.  

The FSR also includes various charts depicting current and prior year Adopted Budgets and revenue levels.  Tables highlighting the instructional school days by month and the employee payroll calendar are provided at the end of this document.         

The next FSR, scheduled to be released in November, will provide final FY2005 expenditures.   

            Thank you.

c:      Joel I. Klein 

         Chancellorís Senior Staff    

         Division of Budget Operations and Review Senior Staff


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