December 15, 2006


To:      Members of the Comprehensive Financial Monitoring Task Force 

From:  Susan Olds  

Re:      November Financial Status Report

The November Financial Status Report (FSR) is available for viewing at Financial Status Report, for printing (November FSR) and in (downloadable Excel format) This interim report provides an update to the Departmentís current modified budget through mid-November.  A summary of the Cityís recently released November Financial Plan is displayed on page 4.  Plan adjustments, consisting primarily of collective bargaining related settlements, are not yet included in the Departmentís operating budget.  

Due to various technical issues relating to the integration of reimbursable positions into tax-levy units of appropriation, the headcount reports which are typically included in the FSR will not be issued this month.  These will be included in the next FSR, scheduled to be released in mid-January. 

            Thank you. 

     c: Joel I. Klein                                                                                           Chancellor's Senior Staff                                                                                   Division of Budget Operations and Review Senior Staff
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