May 19, 2010


To:      Members of the Comprehensive Financial Monitoring Task Force

From:  John Wall

Re:      FY2010 May Financial Status Report

       The February Financial Status Report is now available for viewing Financial Status Report, printing (May FSR) or downloading at Excel format.     

This month, the report includes an update to the Departmentís first fiscal analysis which was presented in the February FSR.  The Departmentís expenditure projections have been compared with anticipated budgets which include initiatives from the January and Executive plans.  Also included are incremental adjustments consisting of revenues and various transfers between units of appropriation.  A summary of the recently issued FY2011 Executive Budget is available on page 4. 

On an overall basis, the Department is projecting to end the fiscal year in-line with anticipated resources.  Over the next few months, we will be finalizing the expenditure and revenue forecasts which will be reflected in the year-end FSR, scheduled to be released in October.            


Thank you.            


c:      Joel I. Klein 

         Chancellorís Senior Staff    

         Division of Financial Planning & Management Senior Staff


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