January 4, 2010


To:     Members of the Comprehensive Financial Monitoring Task Force 

From:  John Wall

Re:      FY2009 Close - October Financial Status Report

The year-end FY2009 Financial Status Report is now available for viewing, Financial Status Report, printing October FSR or downloading in Excel format.  

The Department is pleased to report that it closed FY2009 with an overall surplus of $3.4 million against the final modified budget.  On a unit of appropriation basis, the Department had previously anticipated a rather significant surplus in Special Education Instruction and School Leadership (u/as 403/4) which would largely cover projected deficits in Citywide Special Education Instruction and School Leadership (u/as 421/2,) mandated contracted-out related services (u/a 424,) and deficits in other school-related areas (u/as 401/2 and 481/2.)  Please refer to page 12 for an overall view of the Department’s ending condition.  


Since the release of the last FSR, there have been several significant updates to the DOE’s operating budget and reported headcount levels as summarized below.  


·         Operating Budget


(a)    Reduction of City funds totaling ($153.4) million, which includes ($180.5) million of Programs to Eliminate the Gap (PEGs;)

(b)   Increase in State revenues of $136.8 million;

(c)    Reduction in Federal revenues of ($31.2) million;

(d)   Adjustments to Other Categorical revenues of $178.1 million, of which $158.5 million is associated with Pollution Remediation Obligations (GASB 49.)   Additional details regarding this stipulation may be found on the following link:   Policies and Procedures Manual;


·         Full and Part-time Position Levels (FTEs)- (October 2008 – June 2009)


(a)    Agency-wide reported headcount levels decreased by (1,292) positions;

(b)   Central & Field Administration headcount decreased by (127) positions; Please refer to page 18 for details by FMC.

(c)     School Facilities and Food Services headcount levels decreased by a total of (387) positions.


Please note that additional details associated with the operating budget and monthly headcount reports are available in the April and May FSRs which are available on the Department’s website.



            Thank you.




     c: Joel I. Klein                                                                                           Chancellor's Senior Staff                                                                                   Division of Financial Planning & Management Senior Staff
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