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The high school standards are set at a level of performance approximately equivalent to the end of tenth grade. It is expected that some students might achieve this level earlier and others later than this grade.

English Language Arts
a Read twenty-five books of the quality and complexity illustrated in the sample reading list.
b Read and comprehend at least four books on the same subject, or by the same author, or in the same genre.
c Read and comprehend informational materials.
a Produce a report of information.
b Produce a response to literature.
c Produce a narrative account (fictional or autobiographical).
d Produce a narrative procedure.
e Produce a persuasive essay.
f Produce a reflective essay.
Speaking, Listening, and Viewing
a Participate in one-to-one conferences with the teacher.
b Participate in group meetings.
c Prepare and deliver an individual presentation.
d Make informed judgments about TV, radio, film.
e Listen to and analyze a public speaking performance.
Conventions, Grammar, and Usage of the English Language
a Independently and habitually demonstrate an understanding of the rules of the English
language in written and oral work.
b Analyze and subsequently revise work to improve its clarity and effectiveness.
a Respond to non-fiction, fiction, poetry, and drama using interpretive and critical processes.
b Produce work in at least one genre that follows the conventions of the genre.
Public Documents
a Critique public documents with an eye to strategies common in public discourse.
b Produce public documents.
Functional Documents
a Critique functional documents with an eye to strategies common to effective functional documents.
b Produce functional documents appropriate to audience and purpose.

The margin notes on pages illustrating work produced by ESL students identify some of the expectations from the English as a Second Language chapter of the New York City Curriculum Frameworks. The ESL Frameworks are in alignment with the New Standards™ Performance Standards, and are intended for use across the disciplines by educators of English language learners.