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School Calendar - February 2016

PS 24 Cell Phone Policy - School Year 2015-2016
School policy for use of cell phones, computing devices and portable music and entertainment systems.

Soccer Program at PS 24 - October 2015
   The New York City Football Club (NYCFC) sponsors a twenty week -long weekday and Saturday soccer program that runs in partnership with the school. The program is designed to teach fundamental technical skills, develop confidence and promote teamwork and sportsmanship. The soccer coach also educates students on healthy eating habits and the importance of regular exercise. Both the NYCFC and the school believe
that soccer is a great
tool to connect young people in a fun and engaging environment. View photo gallery>>>

Diversity Panels at PS 24
PS 24 and Morningside Center's Diversity Panel Program enables students themselves to take the lead in encouraging a climate of caring and respect. Through the program, selected students visit classrooms to share their experiences of being “different” in some way (related to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, body size, physical ability, language, learning ability, or other attributes), touching on both their experiences of bias and ways they’ve challenged it. To learn more about the program and its impact, click on the following link. Diversity Panel Video>>>

Droid rage: Bots battle at Industry City robotics competition
By Max Jaeger
Kids from four area schools pitted their homemade automatons against one another in a Lego robotics festival at Industry City on June 13. About 150 people showed up to cheer teams from PS 24, PS 170, PS 230, and St. Agatha School as their bots raced through three challenges. Read full article>>>
Photo by Georgine Benvenuto
Catch ‘em all: PS 24 student Amaya Balcazar rakes up plastic capsules in a race to amass as large a hual as possible

Did the Right Kids Go to Summer School? One NYC School Says Yes. 
By Beth Fertig

Teacher Mercedes Valentin at P.S. 24 (Beth Fertig/WNYC)
The halls at P.S. 24 in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, were especially quiet this summer. Just two small classes of third and fourth graders went to school — and they were padded with more than a dozen students who were not even required to be there. read more>>


Social-Emotional Programs Target Students' Long-Term Behavior
by Liana Heitin
Teachers using social-emotional learning to manage student behavior say they are encouraging more than just compliance—they're working to build more responsible and empathetic people
>>read more
  First graders react to the question, "What face do you make when your mother compliments you?" with smiles of laughter and joy during a class session called "Feeling Faces" at Public School 24 in Brooklyn, N.Y. The school is one of a growing number using social-emotional learning curricula to help students recognize and regulate their emotions, understand others’ perspectives, and resolve conflicts.
—Emile Wamsteker for Education Week 

Dental Services for Students at PS 24
Lutheran School-Based Health Center is currently providing dental services at PS 24. The School-Based Dental Clinic (SBDC) provides preventive and restorative services including; dental exams, dental hygiene treatments, fluoride treatments, sealants, and fillings. See letter for more information>>

PBS  Highlights PS 24’s Social Emotional Learning  (SEL)

On July 21, 2009 the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer aired a segment on the remarkable success of PS 24’s Social Emotional Learning Program in partnership with Morningside Center. The segment highlights Morningside’s classroom-based 4Rs Program (Reading, Writing, Respect & Resolution), an innovative, research-based approach for fostering students' social and emotional learning. more>>

See PBS video about PS 24!


Edutopia, the website of the George Lucas Educational Foundation, features a program where 4-5 students in every K-2nd grade classrooms are selected to be trained by older students to take leadership in their classrooms to help manage conflicts and support children when they are upset. 
See the Edutopia video about PS 24!     

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