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Welcome to Middle School 88

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Message from the Principal


Middle School 88 is committed to creating an environment that supports all students on their educational journey. A major emphasis is to become a lifelong learner and apply his or her skills and talents developed in middle school toward higher education leading to a desired career choice. Upon entry into Middle School 88 students will be placed into small thematic houses, where they will remain for the next three years, forming close, caring, and supportive relationships with teachers and fellow students.

Middle School 88 is organized and structured to respond to the needs of our early adolescent learners from an academic, emotional, and social perspective. Each of the houses offers a weekly support program including: tutorial periods in all subject areas, portfolio work in performing arts, and opportunities to participate in creative writing in a variety of school publications with an invigorated focus on literacy and science. Middle School 88 also offers enrichment in the arts such as drama, music, dance, and fine arts; student newspaper; student government; basketball; and Road Runners. Students indulge in a balanced program based on academic performance, need, and choice.

 Ailene Altman Mitchell


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