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Become a Virtual Enterprise Volunteer
VE provides a range of volunteer opportunities that support the goals and objectives of VE as well as employee volunteer programs. The mentoring relationship not only benefits the students but also helps the company in the long run by grooming the next generation of employees.

Ways to Volunteer:
- Adopt a school and provide direct assistance to the VE and to the VE students on an ongoing basis throughout the school year.
- Identify professionals within the organization who can provide guidance and advice on various business issues related to the virtual enterprise.
- Identify professionals within the organization who can provide mentoring on developing the business plan and/or annual report and delivering the business plan presentation.
- Allow for students in the VE to visit their counterparts in the organization.
- Work with small groups on the design of trade fair booths and the marketing of their products
- Serve as a VE advisory board member and provide activity support, strategic planning, fundraising, and professional support for VE program at large.
- Prepare students for competitions.
- Judge student competitions
- Arrange field trips.
- Host or secure paid internships or subsidize an internship at a community-based, not-for-profit organization.
- Assist with fundraising for student activities and/or scholarships
- Present at job-readiness training sessions
- Review course outlines and curriculum for industry relevance.

To offer your services as a volunteer, fill out the online application below. A VEI Central Office staff member will contact you.