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Start a Virtual Enterprise Program

If you are interested in starting a VE program in your school or district and becoming part of a worldwide network of other simulated businesses, fill out the online application below.

You will then be contacted by a member of the VEI Central Office staff to discuss next steps in the program implementation process. Once you have decided to implement a program, you will receive a Memorandum of Understanding, a Contract for membership in the network, passcodes for online instructional applications (bank, wholesale marketplace, international database, data portal) and a Professional Development calendar. New VE teacher-coordinators must attend staff training in order to effectively implement a VE program. Schools and districts are strongly encouraged to contact VE with any questions or for clarification at any point in the development and/or implementation process.

The VE class may serve as capstone to a Career & Technical Education (CTE) program in Entrepreneurship, E-Commerce or other career pathway or may be offered as a stand-alone course. It can also be used within the framework of smaller learning communities. The VE program model is designed as a one-year program in which the VE class runs for a 90-minute block, 5 days a week. Students who complete the program may receive Economics credit and/or an in-school work experience. Schools and districts can modify this model as needed to support its mission and vision.

Please fill out the following form to obtain more information about starting a program.