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Performance & Accountability

Update (November 16, 2016): The 2015-16 School Quality Reports are available here. Additionally, the School Performance Dashboard has been updated for 2015-16 and is available here.

School Quality Reports

View the School Quality Reports for elementary, middle, K-8, high schools, transfer schools, early childhood schools, District 75 schools, and Young Adult Borough Center programs.

The School Quality Reports provide information on school quality from multiple sources, including information from a formal school visit and evaluation by an experienced educator, feedback from students, teachers, and parents from the NYC School Survey, and a variety of student achievement metrics.

The School Quality Snapshot is a summary report designed primarily for families and community members. The School Quality Guide is a more detailed report designed primarily for educators to investigate and analyze a school's results more deeply.

In addition, the School Performance Dashboard combines multiple years of data from School Quality Reports and displays schools' results and key comparison in visual form to show trends, patterns, strengths, areas for improvement, and areas for further investigation.

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 NYC School Survey
Provides feedback from parents, teachers, and students on school environment

Quality Review
Measures how well a school is organized to support student achievement

Progress Report Archive
Grades schools based on student performance, progress, and school environment

State and Federal Evaluation 
Measures student achievement according to the federal No Child Left Behind Act and the New York State Education Department

Learn more about achievement resources

Yearly Testing
Test students take to measure their progress against NYS performance standards
Periodic Assessments 
Provide regular, timely feedback on students’ strengths and weaknesses to help guide instruction and support student progress