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School Quality Reports

The New York City Department of Education releases two annual School Quality Reports which present information about each school’s practices, learning environment, and performance results:

  • The School Quality Snapshot: A summary report designed primarily for families and community members.
  • The School Quality Guide: A more detailed report designed primarily for educators to investigate and analyze a school’s results more deeply.
In addition, the new School Performance Dashboard combines multiple years of data from School Quality Reports and displays schools’ results and key comparisons in visual form to show trends, patterns, strengths, areas for improvement, and areas for further investigation.

Find a School’s School Quality Reports

You can find a school’s 2015-16 School Quality Snapshot, School Quality Guide, and NYC School Survey Report with the search tool below.

1. Select Type of Report

2. Select School Name

Type the school name or number, select an item from the resulting list, then click Find.

Previous years’ School Quality Reports and Progress Reports are also available by searching for the school in the main school search tool, then clicking on the “statistics and budget” page.

Additional Resources